Greenhouse Plant Hangers

Greenhouse Plant Hangers

Plant Hangars

Solar Innovations® understands the importance of utilizing all available space within a greenhouse. This factor led to the development of five plant hangers which utilize the space around the eave of the greenhouse. Orchid boxes can be hung along with hanging flower baskets. Topsy-turvy tomatoes can also be hung if desired. All Solar Innovations® plant hangers are constructed out of aluminum which will not rot or rust. An aluminum pipe plant hanger constructed of a long aluminum rod is suspended across the length of the room. Aluminum pipe hangers are offered in unpainted versions or can be painted to match the interior décor of your structure. This hanging option is installed on individual rafters in the greenhouse. Multiple rods can be installed in each greenhouse to provide ample space for an ever-growing plant collection. Many baskets can then be hung directly from the rod.

A truss design plant hanger, supported by the portal frames, suspends the width of the room. The truss hanger will suspend the entire width of the greenhouse. Hangers of this type provide additional stability to the overall structure due to their orientation. A heavy basket is better supported by a truss hanger. Single rafter plant hangers are the most economical choice for hanging baskets. These single rings are installed directly into the rafter. The plant’s hanger will be placed into the ring. This design allows for more space between plants, thus more light and water for the plant. If more space is desired, the rings can be used as fasteners for an aluminum pipe which slides through all the rings and allows for more hanging space.

The fourth design is a sliding hanger system. A rectangular aluminum track is suspended from the greenhouse roof. Inside the track there are small trolleys which have a ring at the end; where hanging basket is attached. Instead of being stationary, the plants can be moved left and right. As the plant selection changes in the greenhouse, it is easy to adjust the plants’ proximity to one another. If you have two baskets with very large bromeliads in them, you can spread the trolleys apart which allows ample room for each bromeliad.

Decorative Ring and Collars are a traditional accessory found in many greenhouses. Although they add aesthetic value to the greenhouse, they also can be utilized as a functional accessory for hanging plants. Please view the diagrams below illustrating these three plant hanger options. Keep in mind, this selection will play an important role in designing a fully functional greenhouse with effective space utilization.

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