Pool Houses

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Pool Houses

pool_house_1A pool house (also known as a pool cabana) is an alternative to a pool enclosure, it is generally a small structure that sit near the pool and can serve as a multi-purpose space for users. Almost any of Solar Innovations®’s products can be incorporated into of a pool house. One of Solar Innovations®‘s glazed structures can be used as a free standing pool house, or any operable door or window system can be added to a conventional construction pool house to enhance function and aesthetics.

A pool house can create a unique entertaining space. The implementation of a pool house allow you to keep the party out of the house and contained to the area surrounding the pool, but provide a conditional space. Instead of people tracking water and debris into your house after swimming, they can utilize the pool house for drinks, food, or a changing room or rest room. The addition of folding glass walls or sliding glass doors to the pool house allows for the walls to be opened to bring the “pool inside,” and allows foot traffic to easily flow between the inside of the structure and the outside pool area. Including a bedroom and bathroom to a pool house (if the budget permits) is always an added bonus – not only will this increase your home’s value, it will also provide you with a private area for visiting guests, away from the main living area.

Pool houses act as excellent storage facilities. During the off season, outdoor furniture and pool toys can be placed in the pool house for over winter storage. It can take a great deal of work and a proper mix of chemicals to keep a pool pristine. Pool chemicals are generally sold in bulk (taking up a large amount of space) and  must be stored safely. A pool house works as the perfect storage space for your pool chemicals, nets, brushes, and other maintenance supplies.