Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems provides custom restoration services for greenhouses and glass structures of any age.

Antique structures often require restoration once they reach a certain lifespan. If they’re not regularly maintained, glazed structures fall into a state of before_afterdisrepair and may possess problems like broken, missing, or foggy glass. We have the technology and innovative design capabilities to help restore skylights, sunrooms, greenhouses, and virtually any glazed structure, as opposed to demolishing or replacing them.

Our team of engineers and designers restore systems as similar to the original aesthetics as possible, while at the same time updating them with increased functionality. For example, older systems generally contain single pane glass with little to no insulation, but Solar’s restoration process can include the addition of energy-efficient double and triple pane glass with Low E or EZ clean coatings as well as self-tinting properties.

Solar Innovations® has developed a Restoration Greenhouse Model that replicates the style of vintage greenhouses but with shaped glazing bars that give the restoration greenhouse a unique appearance. This system has been designed with a historical restoration project in mind, but can also be utilized to provide an antique aesthetic when matching a new structure to a previously existing historical home or office building.  Solar can even provide vintage accessory automation, like wheel-operated ridge vents, to preserve the classic feel of the greenhouse. The unique restoration greenhouse system will withstand exposure to the elements while maintaining the aesthetic design of a vintage or historical greenhouse setting.


Our experienced team can complete repair work, service work, or if necessary, replacement of your existing glass structure. If any issue arises, Solar Innovations, Inc. can reference your specific job details, and immediately begin working towards a solution. We have the technical skill and experience to evaluate your situation and determine the most effective options for repair, service, or replacement of your structure. All drawings and information are permanently saved for each of our projects; therefore, a site visit will not always be required.

When not properly maintained, an aging greenhouse can experience problems with the frame and glass. Solar can address issues with broken and faulty hardware, and we can also service or replace broken motors to ensure ventilation and other accessories are in proper working order.

repairOperable Door and Wall Repairs:

We have the necessary experience to repair not only glass structures, but also operable doors and windows, as well as skylights.  Folding glass walls are often subject to high foot traffic and repetitive use, especially in commercial applications. They experience regular wear and even sometimes harsh impacts. Gaskets in older doors can become dislodged or dry rotted and flush bolts can become stuck when not properly operated and maintained. Aging flush bolts and gaskets can easily be manufactured and replaced by Solar Innovations, Inc., restoring the folding glass wall to its original operation. Handles may also need replacement, as they can become warped or skewed in long periods of extreme weather.

Skylight Repair:

Skylights that were glazed with polycarbonate 20-30 years ago are most likely brittle or yellowed from long-term exposure to the weather. Solar can replace the polycarbonate and restore the skylight to its original luster or help determine if a new glazing package is the correct alternative. Skylights can also experience leaks when weep holes are not properly cleaned. If dirt and debris begin to clog the weep hole, water will have nowhere to escape and begin to accumulate. Leaks may also stem from cracked glass or a compromised frame.  It is important to have an expert evaluate the issue and determine the correct course of action, whether to repair or to replace.


We have the ability to replace structural components, even if you’re experiencing issues with a project that was not purchased from Solar. Since many past manufacturers are no longer in business, purchasing replacement parts can be difficult.  Our Company can provide flat replacement glass for most applications, and we  stock curves to fit standard systems of various manufacturers, including: Everlite, Sunplace, Four Seasons, Skytech, Suncraft, Sunroom Designs, and Sun Systems. Replacement glass for all projects will be properly set with GE Silpruf sealant and a surface preparation of isopropyl alcohol to ensure a strong contact seal.

Not only does Solar have the capabilities to replace any of the individual pieces, whether glass, hardware, or framing, but we can also replace the entire system if needed. Solar can also repair a structure and provide replacement parts when non-glass issues arise.  Along with flat and curved replacement glass,