Walkable Skylights

Walkable Skylights

walkable skylightsWalkable Skylights by Solar Innovations® are the ideal solution for any roof top or decking application.  Made from sturdy aluminum, Solar’s in-house engineering team will provide details and point loading specific to each customer’s situation.

Walkable skylights by Solar Innovations® provide the same natural daylighting solutions as a traditional skylight, while serving double duty as a walkable surface. They are custom engineered to meet the end user’s specific requirements and provide unique architectural appeal. Although walkable skylights can be used for exterior applications, they work best when located below a cover roofer. For natural daylighting options, placement below an existing skylight is ideal.

Solar Innovations®’s walkable skylights are the ideal natural lighting solution when space is limited or travel cannot be prohibited. Light can travel between multiple floors or into dark basements without surrendering the ability to freely travel.

Moisture can create a slipping hazard if not properly considered during the design phase. Slip resistant glazing options, such as acid etching, frit glass, custom frosts, and other non-slip coatings are available for skylights.

Because of the custom nature and engineering requirements required for these skylights, Solar Innovations® suggests contacting a sales designer in the early stages of your project to ensure all requirements are met.