Slide & Stack Glass Walls

Product Description

If you are looking for custom exterior doors for your business or home, Solar Innovations® has the perfect solution in our Slide & Stack Glass Walls. These operable walls are comprised of individual panels which slide along a top hung track and stack to a remote location. The Slide & Stack System is designed to accommodate a large number of panels, typically in sizes over 48″ wide. When the wall is open, the panels stack into a parking bay. Panel parking bays can be parallel or perpendicular to the track, feature multiple bays, exist at one or both ends of the wall, or stack into a pocketed area. In addition, custom bays can be designed to make the most out of any project’s spacial constraints. Slide & Stack Glass Walls are a top hung system that requires headers be able to bear the weight of the unit; any engineering questions can be discussed with Solar Innovations®‘ in-house engineering team.

slide & stack glass walls

slide & stack glass walls

Residential Slide & Stack Glass Walls

The unique configurations and ease of operation of Slide & Stack Glass Walls make them ideal for custom residential applications. They can be used as an exterior wall of a home that can be opened up entirely, including corners and segmented radius walls. Slide & Stack Glass Walls are also often used as residential pool & spa enclosures or as part of a custom pool house. The wide range of panel parking options including pockets makes this system incredibly easy to incorporate into the plans of any home.

slide & stack glass walls

Commercial Slide & Stack Glass Walls

Slide & Stack Glass Walls are extremely versatile, and are frequently used in restaurants, storefronts, sports venues, office interiors, hotels, and educational facilities. Their ability to round corners, span unlimited expanses, and move completely out of sight when open make Slide & Stack Glass Walls ideal for office & hotel conference rooms and other multi-use spaces. Slide & Stack Glass Walls can also be used as storefronts or exterior facades that completely remove indoor / outdoor barriers during the day but lock up securely after hours.

Thermally Enhanced

The thermal break separates the aluminum and minimizes conductivity of heat and cold from the inside to the outside to ensure a structure’s interior remains comfortable at any time of year.

Custom Engineering

With an on-site engineering team, we can offer custom project-specific engineering when necessary. Custom configurations, sizes, and applications can be tested for air, water, and impact, as well as additional ratings.

Ease of Operation

Solar Innovations’ systems offer single-handed operation and move smoothly with little effort. We build hardware in-house for simplicity in buying and faster lead times.

Monstrous Sizes

Solar Innovations has the ability to manufacture even larger panels that operate with greater ease for several functions: folding, sliding, swinging, and stacking.

slide & stack glass walls

Trackless Options

Our Slide & Stack Systems can be installed without a floor track for a completely seamless transition between two spaces. When closed, our two point locking handles secure the concealed rods into discrete individual dust proof floor strikes. Our trackless option is especially useful for conference room dividers and other flexible multipurpose environments where an undivided floor space is desired when open.

slide & stack glass walls

Frames & Finishes

Solar Innovations®‘ Slide & Stack Glass Walls can be used as either interior or exterior walls with either thermal or non-thermal rail options. Thermally-enhanced frames contain insulbar, which will create a barrier preventing temperature transfer year round. Non-thermal frames can be used for interior systems, in applications with limited weather exposure, or those regions with minimal weather fluctuation. A wide range of standard, designer, and custom finishes are available, including wood clad & veneer options.

slide & stack glass walls


Slide & Stack Glass Walls are utilized for straight, angular, multiple face, and curved openings. Units are typically designed in a 60 degree, twin trolley configuration. The dual trolleys located above the vertical rails of the glass panels allow them to slide with greater ease along the track, and the 60 degree design of the panel parking bay allows for one hand operation of the stacking panels. Solar Innovations® can also design and engineer custom trolley and stacking configurations. These systems can be installed by Solar or by one of our nationwide dealers.

slide & stack glass walls

Glazing Options

Solar Innovations® Slide & Stack Glass Walls can incorporate any glazing option available on the market today. Low-e glazing is utilized for both residential and commercial applications because it helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, reduce energy consumption, and provide protection from UV rays. Custom decorative glass options are also available to create a unique look or match an existing project. The glass can be tinted, acid etched, frosted, art glass, or contain applied grids (available with multiple pattern options).

slide & stack glass walls


The Slide & Stack System operates as individual top hung panels which slide along a track and stack to a remote location. When closed, panels are secured in place with the turn of a handle, bolting the panels into both the track above and the sill below. In our standard 60 degree panel stacking bay configurations, the panels can typically be easily operated with the use of a single hand.

See our video playlist for full demonstrations of the operation of Slide & Stack Glass Walls.

slide and stack glass walls

coverpage1The Series SI3000S top hung thermally enhanced aluminum stacking glass walls are suitable for use in commercial and residential applications. Multiple sill options and profile dimensions provide greater performance and design flexibility. Customization of product profiles, hardware, sills, and testing can be completed.

Multiple sill options and profile dimensions provide greater performance and design flexibility. Customization of product profiles, hardware, sills, panel size, and testing can be completed upon request.



Top load panels Standard, designer, & custom finishes including wood veneer, metal cladding, and foiling options
Unlimited panels & configurations Dual finish options
LEED friendly system including recycled content Matching fixed transoms & sidelites
Designed & manufactured in the USA Integrated Terrace, French, Dutch, and pet doors
Water performance up to 6.0 psf Screen options: folding, sliding, retractable
Structurally tested up to 40 psf Mullions, decorative muntins, simulated divided lites (SDLs), interior & exterior grids
Thermally enhanced utilizing thermal strut
Designed to accommodate almost any glazing infill including panels, glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate
Custom manufactured operable hardware
Panic hardware & closer options available
Panel assemblies, including hardware & trolleys, designed to minimize & simplify maintenance
Multiple sill designs, including ADA compliant ramps
Factory installed sill drain tubes, if required

Solar Innovations® has engineered several typical configurations for stacking glass walls, but also offers nearly any custom configuration.  Similar to the folding glass wall product line, independent doors, like French and terrace doors, can be incorporated into the panels of the stacking wall system. This provides the option to enter and exit without being required to open all the panels on the entire system. Stacking glass walls can also incorporate various sill options to enhance usability, limit dust collection, and increase water performance.

Several hardware options are available for the stacking system. Panic bars and push or pull handles can be added to any panel, creating an integrated swing door in the French, Dutch, or terrace styles.  Operable panels can also include door closers, an adjustable door catch, and/or multiple options for locking mechanisms. Dust proof strikes can also be incorporated to eliminate the build-up of dust or debris in the sill.