Sunrooms are the perfect four-season addition to increase the view and create a focal point for any home or business. Solar Innovations®’s custom designed sunrooms include durable aluminum framework and they are tailored with the most comprehensive line of aluminum accessories in the industry.

sunroom_1Commercial Sunrooms

Commercial sunrooms by Solar Innovations® provide the strength, durability, and customization options second to none in the industry.  Solar’s sunrooms can be directly on the ground, 25 stories in the air, or anywhere in between.  Restaurants, hospitals, and retirement homes can all benefit from the additional natural light provided by the implementation of a sunroom. Not only do sunrooms expand conditioned living space, they also provide natural light and protection from the elements. Sunrooms provide guests and customers alike with scenic seating areas for dining or simply enjoying nature without having to leave the building, all while increasing the property value.

sunroom_2Solar Innovations® can design aluminum sunrooms with various options for solid wood or wood laminate interiors, combining the strength and quality Solar Innovations® is known for with the warmth that makes a house a home. Our sunrooms can also be outfitted with heating and cooling units, which will allow you to enjoy your sunroom year round.

Residential Sunrooms

Residential sunrooms can be designed as small additions or large, free standing structures – all dimensions, shape, materials, and configurations are custom designed for each project. Solar’s sunrooms are constructed from durable aluminum framework and the HVHZ certifications speak to the strength engineered into every structure solar produces. Many in the industry know the all-aluminum look, though preferential in many commercial applications, may detract from a home’s warm, inviting feel.