Swing Doors

Solar offers several side-hinged swing door options that can be customized with decorative glass or wood veneer and are ideal for interior and exterior applications. Solar Innovations® swing door systems are ideal for front doors, patio doors, entry doors, interior doors, and they can also be retrofitted into already existing structures. All of Solar Innovations® swing doors are made of durable aluminum framework and can be customized with many glazing options including tinted or decorative glass.


Terrace Doors

Terrace doors, or single swing doors, are a single panel opening used in both internal and external applications.  A French door (also known as a dual swing door or double swing door) consists of two panels that close in the center.

The French door does not require framing between the two panels, providing an unobstructed opening.  Terrace and French doors can be either in-swing or out-swing and are acceptable for use in another Solar Innovations® system, another manufacturer’s system, or nearly any rough opening.  The SI2200 series if often utilized as part of another Solar Innovations® system and is selected because of the ‘close radius’ capabilities.

French Doors

Solar Innovations®’s terrace and French doors can be customized with LowE glass, polycarbonate or impact glass, depending on the unit’s requirements. Our terrace and French doors are designed to be seamlessly integrated into several different door, window, mulled, and operable systems, including the European, Mulled, and International window systems, which will provide matching sightlines and create one cohesive unit.

Both our terrace and French doors create a thermally-enhanced entrance to any home or business. Commercial systems can be ADA compliant and equipped with standard push/pull hardware and locking mechanisms. Panic hardware is also available upon request. Residential systems can include any of the commercial options listed above and are also outfitted with multi-point locking hardware.

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors, also known as split doors, half doors, barn-style doors, and stable doors, consist of two independent panel doors stacked atop one another. With Dutch-style doors, the top panel can be opened while the bottom panel remains closed, making them ideal for childcare facilities or any location with animals. Solar Innovations®’s Dutch Doors are available in terrace and French door configurations and can be designed for either in-swing or out-swing operation.

Solar Innovations® offers three Dutch door styles:

  • All glass – The all glass option consists of glass infill in both panels, providing maximum sunlight for the room
  • Glass and solid panel – A glass and full (or solid) panel door includes glass in the upper panel and a solid, impact resistant lower panel
  • Solid panel – Both panels are completely solid in a full panel Dutch door



Thermally enhanced utlilizing thermal strut Operable or fixed transoms and sidelites
2 1/4″ frame depth ADA sill options available
Single or French doors Variety of handle set styles and finishes
Accommodates monolithic and insulated glazing
infi lls from 3/16″ to 1 1/8″
Custom finishes:
Multi-point Locking Hardware for added security Class I Anodized: Dark Bronze, Clear
Aluminum semi-concealed hinge extrusions with stainless steel hinge pins Powder coat finish: AAMA 2603-2604
Sloped, pressure equalized sills for enhanced performance Fluoropolymer (50% or 70%): AAMA 2604-2605
In-swing or out-swing Veneer and cladding options
Duracron: Hartford Green, Bronze, Black, Natural Clay, White, Sandstone Dual color or dual finish options
Maximum size dependent upon engineering requirements Panic Hardware, door limiters, and door closers
Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Concealed hold open device
Multiple sill designs, including ADA compliant ramps
and sill-less options
Factory installed sill drain tubes, if required
Designed to accommodate any monolithic, insulated, laminated, decorative, polycarbonate, or solid panel infill

Solar Innovations, Inc. provides superior quality in all operable door hardware.  Utilizing stainless steel pins and extruded aluminum hinges ensures the lifespan, serviceability, and durability of the products.  Solar also offers a patented adjustable door catch for swing door applications.

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