Window Systems

Tilt Turn

Solar Innovations®’s tilt turn windows and doors are a safe and versatile option for any residential or commercial application. We have the internal engineering and design staff to walk you through the process and ensure the correct glass selections and panel sizes are made for your individual residential or commercial application.


This European-style unit can be seamlessly integrated with casement, awning, and fixed window systems. Our tilt-turn windows will tilt-in at the top like a hopper or open inward like a casement window. The mechanisms to control all window functions are located in the frame, and all tilting, turning, and locking actions can be controlled with one lever.


Solar Innovations®’s tilt turn system will provide secure ventilation for your room, as no one can enter or leave through the window when it is in the tilted position. The inward-opening design also provides easy access to clean the tilt turn windows and doors, whether you’re on the first or 21st floor. Solar Innovations® is also currently testing all of our tilt turn products for Impact Certification and plans to reach a minimum design pressure rating of ±60 psf.

Special Features

There are no size limitations for this dual action tilt turn system, so it can function as either a door or window.  The only limitation is the overall weight of the entire unit.  A lighter glazing option allows the production of a larger unit, while heavier glass requirements may restrict the size of the unit available.


In a single hung unit, the bottom panel is operable and can slide up or tilt inward, while in a double hung unit, both panels are operable and can slide vertically or tilt inward. Hung windows are a great complement to the complete door, window, and skylight systems, all of which can be included in your complete glazing package by Solar Innovations®.

Many residential home-owners are unaware that “hung window” is the technical name for the window that is most likely in their home.  Single hung windows are often utilized for smaller window applications such as garage or shed windows.  They are an economical solution for providing natural light and ventilation to the interior of the structure.

Solar Innovations® also offers repair services for commercial and residential double or single hung windows that are broken or inoperable.  If for any reason, repair is not an option and the windows need to be replaced, Solar Innovations® offers both aluminum and vinyl window solutions to accommodate any needs.


Operable window options include casement windows that are cranked open either left or right or awning windows that are hinged at the top and push outward to open. Projected windows allow for further customization and ventilation when incorporated as an in-system window in a Solar Innovations® custom glass structure.

Solar Innovations®’s projected windows are described as in-system windows because although a single window unit can be installed, their design excels when they are integrated inside of another system.

For instance, projected windows by Solar Innovations® can be integrated into nearly any manufacturer’s system.  The projected window system is an ideal solution when mulling is not desired and is engineered specifically for out-swing applications.

Butt-Glazed-Commercial-Application1Butt Joint

Butt joint glazed windows by Solar Innovations® are a modern window system that consist of two panes of glass that meet at a 90 degree angle without additional metal framing at the corner. This unique type of window provides any building with a contemporary feel, while offering unobstructed views from multiple angles. Butt joint glazed window systems are perfect for commercial applications, but can also be used in residential applications.

Solar’s butt glazed windows feature horizontal framework at the top and bottom of the system to achieve appropriate structural loads, similar to that of a clear wall. The frame-less design of the butt glazed window system requires the glass to be engineered as a structural element, which results in a strict range of glass size and thickness, dictated by code requirements. However, that does not reduce the performance or quality of the butt glazed system, as these windows often perform equal to or better than conventionally framed window systems.

Garden-Windows-Feature1Garden Windows

Garden windows, or greenhouse windows, are structural additions that project outward from a building and include shelving on the interior for all your planting needs. Garden windows are an economical alternative to a full sized greenhouse and do not require the same extensive planning and design that a freestanding greenhouse would. Garden windows are commonly found in a lean-to configuration, but Solar Innovations® can also design them to be a hip end, double pitch, or nearly any other custom shape.

Adding a garden window to your home can be as simple as replacing a standard flat window or transforming an existing bay window. The garden window system will need to be installed on a supporting base wall.  That wall can already be included in the structure or Solar can provide one to ensure proper support for the addition. Shelving choices for Solar’s garden windows include wood inserts, metal mesh, and glass. Almost any plant can thrive in a garden window, as they are essentially mini greenhouses, making them ideal for starting seedlings in the winter or keeping your herb garden close to your kitchen.

Ventilation is not typically required for garden windows under 100 sq. ft.  The existing structure’s heating and cooling units will provide adequate ventilation for windows of this size. For anything greater, integrated ridge vents, eave vents, casement windows, or awning windows are ideal ventilation choices. Fans can also be incorporated, however if the glass is insulated with any type of LowE tint, ventilation will most likely not be required.