Casement Windows

Casement Windows


Casement windows are one of the most popular window styles in the world today. First constructed out of iron and true leaded divisions, the casement window was only for the very wealthy. Finally, the industrial revolution changed this due to the introduction of mass production of glass and wooden frames.

An aluminum window will not rust, rot, warp, or need constant finish maintenance. Each Solar Innovations® casement window made from a thermal frame, which helps with insulation and protection from the elements. Eight standard frame finishes are available and any custom color your job may require.

There are many choices for the specific glass variation used on your project. Also, apply grid word to the windows to achieve a more classic or traditional look as well as other various patterns.

The casement window hardware on Solar Innovations® windows because it is the highest grade. Each window is stable and operates very smoothly. There are several window crank models available, each with numerous finish options.

Cleaning the outside of casement windows on second floors is always an obstacle. Solar Innovations® offers an easy-clean technology which operates when engaging the hinge and the window slides to the left slightly, allowing your hand to move the frame and the jamb and clean the window’s exterior. Motorization options are available on several models.

Finally, an installation team member can come to your project and repair broken windows. Should the window be beyond repair, Solar Innovations® can manufacture a new window, remove the old one, and complete the installation of the new window. Depending on the scope of your project, there are also “do-it-yourself” installation kits available for those who wish to buy factory direct and complete the installation themselves.