Folding Windows

Folding Glass Windows

folding_windowsFolding windows by Solar Innovations® are almost identical to folding doors. These windows can be utilized for both commercial and residential applications. The windows are often used for enclosed patios, sunrooms, and serving windows between kitchens and dining rooms in residential settings. Commercial applications include restaurant windows, hotel windows, and stadium boxes. Various sill options can be utilized for each application and to meet design and performance requirements. The appeal of folding windows is the ability to completely open a view. There are no bars or mullions obstructing the windows when they are open, which allows for a beautiful view. There are several screening options available to keep out unwanted pests while still allowing guests to enjoy the natural environment.

All folding windows are completely customized to your specific job. The number of panels, direction of the panels, and dimensions of the unit and panels are all cut to your measurements. Each unit is constructed out of durable aluminum framework. The aluminum will not rot, rust, warp, or require constant finish maintenance. Wood veneer can be added to the frame to mimic the look of a true wooden window. Copper, lead coated copper, and stainless steel cladding are two other decorative finish options. Eight standard finishes are available along with any custom color your job may require. Corrosion resistant anodized options are available. There are two frame types available: thermally enhanced and non-thermal. Non-thermal frames are utilized on interior applications where the windows are not exposed to rain or wind.

The thermal frame is used on exterior applications where the windows will be affected by wind and rain. The room will be well protected from extreme weather conditions by coupling the thermal frame with LowE glazing. Utilizing LowE glass reduces the amount of UV rays that enter a room. This allows for a more even, comfortable temperature in the room. Fading of furnishings and window treatments is also reduced with LowE tinted glass.

The window’s glazing can receive gridwork to add a decorative touch to the unit. Customers can choose from several different grid profiles, including a square, Ogee, and traditional shape. The gridwork can match the frame finish or be a different color which adds visual appeal. Stained glass, art glass, etched glass, and any other decorative glass can be utilized in the folding windows.

Solar Innovations® or a national dealer can complete the installation of your window system once a design has been decided. If you have an existing folding window system that is in some way damaged, Solar Innovations® offers window repair services. An installation team can come to your project and typically repair the unit, regardless who the unit was supplied by. There are demolition services available for those projects which are beyond repair. There are also “do-it-yourself  installation kits” available based on the scope of your project.