Skylights are a great way to open up a room and increase natural overhead lighting. Solar Innovations®’s durable aluminum framed skylights can be made from glass, polycarbonate, or acrylic, and all systems include factory flashing to ensure a leak-free installation. Our skylights can be manufactured in virtually any size or configuration and can be designed to be either fixed or operable systems.

Our skylights can be planned into a building’s original construction or retrofitted into an already existing structure; Solar Innovations® also has the ability to service skylights from other manufacturers.

Commercial & Residential

Skylight-Configurations-FeatureCommercial and residential buildings alike can benefit from the lighting advantages of a skylight. Solar Innovations® offers commercial skylights in three face widths: 2” and 2 ½”. All skylights can incorporate ridge vents, shading, and operable and retractable portions to reduce the accumulation of heat within the structure. Our easy clean glass will also reduce the amount of cleaning your skylight will need. This technology utilizes a special coating to fill the microscopic pores that exist in glass and help prevent build up of dirt and soil.

Solar Innovations® skylights can be designed as walkable or curb mounted. Walkable skylights include non-slip glazing options and are installed in a walkable floor below a roof that typically has a skylight. Doing this will allow the light transmitted from the roof skylight to illuminate several floors. Curb mounted skylight systems are fastened over a curb, which minimize water penetration and increases efficiency.


In general, operable skylights work similar to ridge vents, but they offer better air and water performance in addition to a higher thermal value. They are especially helpful for ventilating greenhouses and are the perfect solution for incorporating ventilation into the roof of a low pitch structure. Standard operable skylights open between 6” and 24” and use a continuous hinge that can be manual or motorized. Solar Innovations® also offers manual pole operators in standard sizes of 65”, 77”, and 97” to assist with opening and closing operable skylights.

 90º Operable


The 90 degree operable skylight system by Solar Innovations® opens fully to provide ventilation for rooftop openings. This unit can accommodate panel sizes up to 4’ x 12’ and has high thermal, water, and structural performance considering the size of the unit. The 90 degree operable skylight by Solar Innovations® is popular for outdoor kitchen integration in both residential and commercial applications.



Retractable skylights by Solar Innovations® can be designed as single or multi-panel systems. To open this system, the panels retract upward and stack atop one another. Retractable skylights have been factory tested for water and can even be outfitted with rain sensors to detect moisture and automatically retract to close. Systems are typically 15’ x 18’, with a total weight of 750 lbs. and an individual panel size of 5’ x 7’.

Fixed skylights can be manufactured in any size or shape, including barrel vault, dome, pyramid, and hip end configurations, and they can include either segmented, flat glass or true radius, curved glass. Roof lanterns, which are glass structures that sit atop a roof, are another form of fixed skylight by Solar Innovations, Inc. Like skylights, roof lanterns can be manufactured in any shape or size and often incorporate transoms, grids, and other decorative accessories

  • Barrel Vault
  • Dome
  • Pyramid
  • Hip End
  • Roof lanterns

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