Rain Barrels

Decorative rain barrels are an excellent way to collect valuable rain water for use watering your plants. These barrels connect to your gutter and downspout systems, pulling the water for future use. There are many rain barrels on the market today, but few are visually pleasing. Many of the barrels are bright blue plastic or are manufactured to look like an aged whiskey barrel. Because of our own green intiative and desire to further the movement, Solar Innovations® set out to create a durable, high end, aesthetically pleasing rain barrel.

The result is an aluminum frame with decorative raised panels. The panels are available in five standard colors or any custom color your job may require. An HDPE barrel is hidden within the decorative panels and connected to the gutter and downspout system by way of a diverter. This diverter allows the system to incorporate several rain barrels if desired. A spigot is integrated within the frame to access the water. A drain port is also included to allow for complete barrel emptying if the water should become stagnant. The panel’s latch system allows customers to remove the barrels if they desire.

As with all Solar Innovations® products, all rain barrels are designed to meet the gardener’s needs and aesthetic desires. Please contact your Solar Innovations® representative for more information on this product.