Screen Rooms

Screen rooms are used on patios, decks, or free standing areas. A screened porch is an excellent product when the goal is to enclose an area to keep out insects and harsh sunlight. The screen will allow the breeze and daylight to penetrate the room without the nuisance of pests or harsh glares. When the room is enclosed, it can be used during unpleasant weather.

The screens used on this space can be either folding, sliding, fixed, or retractable. Each operation has various features. A fixed screen will never move, it will always enclose the area. The other three options are operable and can be retracted by a specific mechanism which allows for unobstructed views and passageways.

There are numerous choices when selecting the screen material. The standard screen is charcoal gray fiberglass. Available options include differing colors and weave tightness. Please contact a Solar Innovations® representative for exact options. Frame finishes are available in one of Solar Innovations®’s standard or custom colors. An in-system screen will perfectly match your Solar Innovations® structure.