Sliding Screens

Sliding Door Screen System

Product Description

Sliding screens are used on large openings, and are commonly found in conjunction with either sliding doors or folding doors. The screen is placed on the exterior of the door. Each system has operable and fixed panels. The operable panels will slide behind the fixed panel. This allows for easy passage and direct flow of air into the room. A sliding screen door can be utilized in front of a folding door system. The benefit to this is the reduction of cost as compared to a folding screen unit. The sliding screen will stack up to either the left or the right and when fully open, only the fixed panel(s) are visible.

Screened Porch

Another common application of sliding screen systems is the creation of a screened porch. Instead of enclosing a screen with glass, screens can be utilized. This allows the outdoor area to be used in comfortable weather. The bugs can be held at bay when needed, and then the panels can be slid open, and the porch is open again.