Residential Applications

Living Room

With high quality American craftsmanship, clean sleek lines, and high performance options, our Doors, Windows, and Curtain Walls create dramatic focal points in a main living space. Dissolve the barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces with operable walls for a high class living area, or add a Conservatory, Greenhouse, or Skylight to your living room to increase natural daylight and create a bold design for your main room.

Dining Room

Natural light is an extremely important factor for dining rooms, as it creates a warm, comfortable space for gathering. Our minimal sightlines allow more light to enter, while the superior performance of our products maintain comfortable temperatures inside, even in extreme weather conditions. Operable products can also open up during pleasant weather to create a unique flexible indoor-outdoor dining room.


While bedrooms and bathrooms with contemporary glass walls are becoming more popular, privacy is also a concern for many homeowners. We offer a variety of options to brighten bedroom and bathroom spaces, while also providing shades, dynamic glazing, decorative glass, and other options to maximize comfort. From overhead Skylights to floor-to-ceiling Curtain Walls, we can work with you to create the perfect master suite.


First impressions are important. Our Doors & Windows make an strong statement to visitors. With our products, you not only can achieve some of the largest panels in the marketplace, but also the strength and durability of aluminum or wood materials. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow them all down to find the best match for your project. Luckily, our dedicated staff can help you decide and configure the right options for your entryway. Creating dramatic and inspiring entryways is one of the many innovative ways Solar continues give the best possible service while providing the best products on the market.


Looking for the right manufacturer for your remodel can be a real chore. With our exceptional customer service and our dedication to providing a 6-Star Customer Experience, Solar has you covered. Our staff is experienced in renovations and providing you the best avenue on your next project. With a dedicated install team of professionals and our ability to engineer for any substrate in an old or new home, we make the process of upgrading your home easier than ever.


Multi-family units offer a unique challenge. However, we can provide bulk orders of custom Doors & Windows, Glass Structures, or Skylights for a consistent appearance across all units. Our products can stand up to stringent performance codes, including hurricane impact for coastal regions.

Pool House

Pool Houses are increasing in popularity as a carefree space for poolside entertainment and amenities. These spaces often double as guest houses, with full bedroom, bath, and kitchen. Folding Glass Walls and other operable walls can open up these buildings to the poolside, offering easy access in and out, while creating a modern appearance.