Residential Applications

Living Room

We specialize in giving space to homeowners with our various products we offer in the residential space. We have many products therefore, if you’re looking for operable doors, folding walls, or window packages we can help you.  As a result, we can help you design any application in your living room space. Hence why our products are perfect for residential applications.

Dining Room

Giving the dining room an exotic touch by also creating a seamless work of design in your space by adding one of our numerous door and window systems. The aesthetics create a warm inviting feel and with our minimal sight lines and superior performance. As a result, you can be sure that any desired product you require Solar can provide you with the added benefits you have come to expect from a premier supplier of architectural glazed products.


Opening your bathroom to the outdoors requires thought and care to provide the maximum light while keeping out the harsh elements of the environment. Our structurally glazed systems and any number of our window systems provide limitless glass options and allow you with the perfect views of your outdoor space making us a great choice to any addition to your new construction, or remodeled home.


Our doors and windows make an extreme statement to those coming to visit. With our products, you not only can achieve some of the largest panels in the marketplace, but in addition you can get the strength and durability that lasts with both aluminum, wood, aluminum clad, wood clad, vinyl-composite, and clad composite material at your disposal. With so many options to choose from it can be difficult to narrow them all down.  Luckily Solar’s dedicated staff can help you decide and configure the right options for your opening space. Creating dramatic yet inspiring entryways is one of the many innovative ways Solar continues give the best possible service while providing the best possible products in the market.


Looking for the right manufacturer for your remodel can be a real chore. With our exceptional customer service and our core value of providing a 6 star expectations Solar has you covered.  We have an experienced staff in dealing with renovations and providing you the best avenue on your next project. With a dedicated install team of professionals and our ability to engineer any substrates in an old or new home, we make the process easier than ever.


Any type of window, door or structure system needed Solar has you covered. Glass canopies can be a great addition to any multi-family residence or if you are looking for a more custom tailored design for your individual studio we have other bulk options available for building your windows across your entire residence and our exceptional lead times make getting the job done fast and efficient.

Pool House

Creating Custom Structures is in our nature. We build every structure from concept to install as part of our process. We walk you through every step and keep you informed with our helpful sales and project management staff. There is unlimited amount of configurations and pool houses continue to grow in popularity for entertaining and for guest accommodations. Durable and versatile our glass structures work well in residential dwellings.