Project Spotlight: Pivot Door

Solar Innovations, Inc. manufactured this pivot door that was recently installed in a winery in the Napa Valley. The pivot door acts as a unique doorway between the interior tasting room and an exterior seating area overlooking the vineyard.

The “hinges,” also known as pins on a Solar Innovations, Inc. pivot door, are located at the top and bottom of the door frame, as opposed to the side, such as a traditional swing door setup. The unique location of the pin allows the door to pivot. This pivot functionality allows larger panels because only half of the door will take up “living space” on the interior or exterior of the room.  This particular pivot door includes a recessed sill, a three-point locking hardware system for increased security, as well as a door limiter and a door catch for improved performance. Pivot doors are extremely useful for oversized openings.  Panel sizes are regularly constructed up to 10′ h x 4′ w, while larger options are available depending on weight constraints and final engineering. They can be designed to pivot from a center pin, but pivot locations are customizable, depending on a user’s specific preferences and final engineering. This particular pivot door has a center pivot point, and is approximately 13′ h x 10′ w. When the door is completely open, there is a five foot opening on either side for customers to enter and exit the room.

The winery is LEED Gold certified, and since Solar Innovations, Inc.’s products include environmentally sustainable materials, and our manufacturing facility itself is LEED Gold Certified, the addition of this Solar Innovations, Inc. pivot door assisted the winery with achieving several LEED points. Credits that we contributed to include: materials and resources credits 4.1 & 4.2, indoor environmental quality credit 4.1, and indoor environmental quality credit 8.1. For more information about Solar Innovations, Inc.’s LEED Gold facility and additional LEED credits with which we can assist, please visit our green products page or contact a Solar representative for more information about your specific project.

Pivot Doors by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Pivot Doors by Solar Innovations, Inc.