Glass Structures


Specializing in greenhouses since our inception, Solar is a leader in the industry for creating any type of greenhouse you might require. These greenhouses come with an incredible number of configurations and options that allow you to have exactly what you need to make your greenhouse the envy of any homeowner or business.


Conservatories come in all shapes and sizes. In this section we are only showing you some examples. Every one of our designs is unique to our customer and we have thousands of variations in the structure. Every situation is different allowing us to custom build your structure with your own imagination.


Sunrooms are extremely popular for those who wish to soak up some rays while being able to sit in their own home doing so.Sunrooms are becoming the more popular choice for those who do not have the full space of a conservatory but still want the look and feel of one, taking a much smaller footprint.

Wood Conservatories

Wood conservatories are a practical option for those with more wood in their home or business. Because of the complete customization’s we can build into your structure, including any glazing options your trying to achieve, wood conservatories are a beautiful addition to your space.

Wood Sunrooms

Wood and sunrooms go hand in hand when a homeowner has a space that is filled and built mostly around wood. Because of our enormous selection of styles of wood and configuration options this type of structure is very popular when it comes to having a small footprint.


Canopy structures are great design choices for any commerce area. Because there is no limitation in design, adding a glass canopy is a great addition to a building trying to make a statement and reducing costs of a fully fledged parking structure.

Pool Enclosures

Pool Enclosures are great for resorts and homeowners wishing to have great natural lighting inside their pool arena These additions are custom built from inception and allow any type of variation or style your imagination can conceive.

Pool Houses

Pool Houses vary in size and scope and can be just as diverse as their counterparts. Because there is no standard for these structures you can build your own design or have our skilled engineers design one for you.


Custom car washes are always easier to maintain as glass structures. The amount of water used in these spaces make structures ideal for maintaining your businesses washing space. Any type of configuration you require can be custom designed by our specialists.


Our walkways can fit any custom application you require in a business. Our design engineers can craft a custom walkway to fit your needs walking you through the process every step of the way keeping in mind substrates and conditions which require careful analysis.

Glass Railings

Glass railings always are custom because of their design against the space they occupy. At solar we make this seem easy in our analysis of the space creating beautiful eye catching railings that consumers will appreciate as they ascend your building.