Infill Panel and Operable Fenestration Frame Adjustment Device

Solving the Universal Problem of Sagging Windows and Doors

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing Systems has patented a simple device in the United States and Canada to adjust sagging glass door or window frames that does not require the time-consuming removal of glazing stops and the shimming of setting blocks or glazing shoes. The system utilizes a setting block adjustment device that includes a slidably captured lug, threaded fastener, and a setting block assembly to create the most efficient micro-adjustment method available today.

With the simple turn of a screwdriver, the glass panels can be micro-adjusted until a perfect fit is achieved without removing any glazing stops. The process, even in the case of wet glazing, can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take with conventional adjustment methods. For panels that have been sealed with silicone, also known as wet glazing, the bead must be cut prior to adjustment and resealed after adjustment because the silicone will bind the glass to the stops if left intact. For dry-glazed panels, this step is not a concern.

This system allows for continuous micro-adjustments throughout the life of door or window systems. This allows home or business owners to handle this complicated task easily with just a screwdriver and little to no experience. Because of proper alignment, the resulting window or door exhibits better thermal, air, and water performance and better hinge, hardware, and gasket life. This system takes the historically significant problem of sagging doors and windows and resolves it in a more exact and safe manner while saving time and money.

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