Solar Innovations, Inc. Celebrates National S’mores Day

Today Solar Innovations, Inc. celebrated National S’mores Day. Team members were treated to a picnic lunch consisting of hot dogs, a variety of chips and pretzels, lemonade and iced tea. Lunch was then followed by the most popular campfire treat: s’mores.For those who don’t know, the word “s’more” is a contraction of the phrase “some more;” most likely because it leaves people wanting another. S’mores typically consist of a toasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers. Solar’s National S’mores Day celebration included all the tradional s’mores ingredients, and per the request of several team members, peanut butter cups were provided to add an additional s’mores layer.The entire team of 150+employees were able to enjoy today’s nice weather and a delicious treat (or two) to celebrate National S’mores Day. The s’mores were made using Solar’s very own fire pit, located at the edge of the Solar Innovations, Inc. corporate campus. National S’mores Day is an “unofficial” national holiday that is sponsored by the National Confectioners Association. Solar Innovations, Inc is thankful that the NCA created this delicious holiday, so the team could enjoy a relaxing lunch break with a scrumptious treat.National S'more Day celebrated at Solar Innovations, Inc.National S'mores day a success at Solar Innovations, Inc.National S'more Day S'mores day at Solar Innovations, Inc.
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