Glass Railings

Solar Innovations® Glass Railings are designed for residential and commercial applications, providing a tasteful and modern approach to old-school rail systems. The dry glazed mounting shoe provides a cleaner, simpler installation when compared to wet set railing systems and delivers excellent performance, long term serviceability, and unmatched adjustability.

Product Testing

Solar Innovations® received ASTM E985-00 approval utilizing its Patented Hinged Glass Handrail Sill. Test reports are available for both our top rail and projected hand rail options.  This handrail sill includes a base member including a top surface and a u-shaped interior channel indented from the top surface and shaped to receive the glass panel. The sill also includes a wedge member which can be removable and is secured between the sill plate and the first side.

Not only do Solar Innovations® Glass Railings modernize and boost the practicality of any space, these products provide an added safety feature with proven strength and durability.

Glass Railing Performance Test Results
Handrail TypePanel SizeHandrail HeightInfillASTM StandardResult
Hand Rail – Top-Mounted with Tempered Glass145.75″ x 44.125″44.125″1/2″ Tempered Monolithic (No Polished Edges)ASTM E985-00(06)Pass
Hand Rail – Side-Mounted with Tempered Glass145.75″ x 44.125″36″1/2″ Tempered Monolithic (Top Edge Polished)ASTM E985-00(06)Pass
Hand Rail – Top-Mounted with Laminated Glass145.75″ x 44.125″44.125″7/16″ Heat Strengthened Laminate Monolithic with .060 PVB Interlayer (No Polished Edges)ASTM E985-00(06)Pass
Hand Rail – Side-Mounted with Laminated Glass145.75″ x 44.125″36″7/16″ Heat Strengthened Laminate Monolithic with .090 SGP Interlayer (Top Edge Polished)ASTM E985-00(06)Pass

Railing System Design

The system uses a stainless steel shoe which holds a solid piece of glass in place, typically ½” tempered. Each piece of glass within the railing system is completely independent of the next. None of the glass pieces will touch, allowing a small space between each section. The top of the glass can be either exposed or fit with a round stainless steel cap. Each section of glass will be formed with three openings for the Stainless Steel posts which support the railing.


The standard height of Solar Innovations® Glass Railings is 42” with the railing mounted at 36” from the base. As with all Solar Innovations® products, customization is welcome and embraced. The length of the railing system is unlimited and can be made to accommodate any required size. The glass used on the railing system can be custom tinted or designed with a unique etching for a more unique look. To discuss your next Glass Railing project, please contact Solar Innovations® at or toll-free at 800-618-0669.