Pet Products

As any pet owner knows, animals, much like humans, enjoy natural daylight. Early in the morning, cats and dogs bask in the warmth emitted by the rising sun. The light provides warmth, relaxation, and lulls them to sleep.  Your pets, much like you, do not enjoy being cooped up inside.

Pet Sunrooms

A small pet sunroom can be installed off the back of your home and is a great option for the furry, four-legged friends in your life. Enclosing a porch with glass or screen walls is a cost effective way to provide animals the ability to safely enjoy nature. Screen rooms allow animals to enjoy warm days, breezes, and sunlight. Special highly durable screens are available that allow air to flow through the space while preventing the animals from escaping.

Pet sunrooms are made out of durable aluminum, which is resistant to scratches and impacts from pets and their toys. Any sunroom size or configuration can be adapted to accommodate your pets. The sunroom can be designed with decorative elements to match the existing aesthetic or act as a focal point of your home. The tile floors become warm under the sunshine, creating a cozy place for your pets to nap and sunbathe, and the tile is easy to clean and maintain. Depending on the size of the sunroom, animals can exercise without becoming dirty and dragging mud into the house, making your life easier and cleaner.

A great benefit to a pet sunroom is safety, which is always a concern when letting pets outdoors. By keeping the animal inside a sunroom, safety concerns are avoided and the animals can still experience nature. Your pets will appreciate the ability to move freely without being on a chain. Predators like hawks and foxes will no longer be a concern for your small dogs and cats; inside the sunroom, your pet is safe.

The design of the sunroom can be customized to fit the needs of your pet. For example, flooring options like tile and concrete are both easy to clean and durable against pets’ nails. Screens, operable ridge vents, and windows can bring fresh air into the space. Space for water and food bowls, litter boxes, and climbing toys will enhance your pet’s experience further.

Pet sunrooms are not limited to cats and dogs. Birds can enjoy a sunroom for the fresh air and sunlight, and fish can be raised in a sunroom pond year-round. The enclosure will assist in keeping them protected from predators and provide warmth during the winter months. Chickens can also be corralled near the pet sunroom or greenhouse. More exotic animals like turtles or lizards can also call a pet sunroom home, as it provides ample fresh air and sunlight.

Pet Doors

A popular choice among home owners is the installation of a “Doggie Door,” making care easier for the human and creating independence for our furry friends. The constant opening and closing of the doors for cats and dogs can become a nuisance. Solar Innovations®’s solutions integrate an opening just for the pet’s use, allowing them to come and go as they please.

Solar Innovations®’s pet doors can be installed in most manufactured doors. A solid base panel is added to the bottom of the door and the door is fitted within the panel. The size of the door is dependent upon the pet that will be using it; options are available for Teacup Poodles and cats, all the way up to a large Great Dane. With the addition of a pet door installation, pets can easily experience the outdoors without troubling their owner to constantly open the door for them.

Please note: Due to the inconsistent nature of plastics and resins, Solar Innovations® is unable to custom paint match pet doors to our standard finishes.