Innovative Reel Technologies

Solar Innovations® is so creative and innovative that we designed, patented, and sold other types of products that have nothing to do with the building material industry. Because our minds never stop, and because we design so many things from scratch, sometimes we solve other problems related to our hobbies, jobs, or industry needs. This discovery of innovating different products truly sets us apart from any other window and door manufacturer or glazing system corporation in the marketplace today.

Innovative Reel Technologies, Ltd. began as a dream to create the most durable, high performing, aluminum machined fishing reels available. Our goal is to create a lifelong reel for sport and hobby fishermen to enjoy for many years. Greg Header, our president, chose to team up with Tim Wiest, one of the most talented aluminum fishing reel designers in the country with 20 years of experience, to create the most unique and efficient fishing reels. These spinning reels have been in development for over 5 years, investing time and hard work to produce durable custom reels complete with all of the options desired by the most dedicated fishermen.

Please visit our website at: Innovative Reel Technologies for information on other fishing reel products we create.