Universal Clamp

Universal Clamps®

Solar Innovations® is so creative and innovative that we’ve designed and sold other types of products that have nothing to do with the building material industry. Because our minds never stop, and because we design so many things from scratch, sometimes we solve other problems related to our hobbies, jobs, or industry needs. This discovery of innovating different products truly sets us apart from any other window and door manufacturer or glazing system corporation in the marketplace today.

Solar Innovations®’s family of Universal® Clamps provides customers with simple, dependable, tested clamping solutions for attaching loads to any standing seam metal roof. The Solar Innovations® Universal Clamp ® is designed to attach loads to flanged materials and standing seam roofing by using an innovative design that allows for continuous pressure contact against the attachment surface. This prevents permanent damage to the roof while balancing the load over the span of the clamp rather than on isolated points of contact. Installation is simple, and the roof is never compromised. A part called a hammer was designed into the Universal Clamp ® to reduce pressure placed on the seam.

Please visit our website at: Universal Clamps ® for more information on other products we create and innovate.