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Garden Windows

Growing space for places without much space to grow.

Garden Windows, also known as Greenhouse Windows, project outward from an existing structure to create an environment suitable for growing plants indoors without the need for a full greenhouse. Garden windows are the perfect solution when outdoor space is limited, or when a full-sized greenhouse is not in the budget. They are a compact alternative for those looking to grow house plants, vegetables, herbs, and more in their home. These windows are designed to maximize sunlight, allowing plants to thrive.

Traditional garden windows are lean-to structures that attach to the side of the home. Custom shapes, such as hip ends or double pitches, are also available. Since all sizes are completely custom, there are no standard designs or sizes you must maintain when working with Solar Innovations®. If you have an existing garden window which needs replaced and is a unique size, Solar can produce a new unit to fit your exact specifications.

After a garden window design is finalized, Solar Innovations® or one of their national dealers can complete the installation of the unit. If there is an existing garden window which needs replaced, Solar can also remove the window or possibly repair the unit to avoid a new installation. To discuss a future project, please contact your Solar Innovations® representative.

Custom Options

As with all Solar Innovations® products, our Garden Window Systems are completely customizable. Available in aluminum, vinyl, and wood, dozens of finish options are available or can be matched to a specific color. While these windows are primarily designed as lean-to structures, custom configurations, such as hip end and double pitch designs are also available. Operable Windows can be included to provide ventilation while daylighting can be controlled by selecting from our many glass options. We also offer shelving to maximize growing space and unique decorative options. Custom gridwork can be added to match the current windows of the home or to create a unique focal point.


Awning or Casement Windows, as well as Ridge or Eave Vents can be used for ventilation. Solar Innovations® recommends that the unit projects at least two feet to incorporate a Ridge or Eave Vent.

Retrofitting and Restoration

Garden Windows can be used to replace a standard or bay window. They can be installed on an existing base or Solar Innovations® can provide structural base panels as needed. We can also restore existing Garden Windows through re-glazing, refinishing of framing materials, and/or reapplying silicone to help with performance. If an existing garden window cannot be restored, we can design and install a new window to meet your specifications.

Custom Engineering for Custom Glazed Windows and Doors

Custom Engineered

Each Solar Innovations system is custom made to order based on your project needs and preferences. Our team of engineering experts has you covered.

Sustainable Products

Solar’s products are manufactured with outstanding thermal performance, durable framework, and sustainable materials making it a great option for your next project.

Glass Variety

Solar Innovations has top of the line glazing solutions which include laminated, dual glazed, triple glazed, & marine glazed options just to name a few.