Window Systems

Solar Innovations® offers a complete line of aluminum window systems. In addition to a large range of operations available, we can create custom windows and window configurations to fit any space. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, our window systems create a thermally enhanced barrier in any climate. Our Window & Door experts can help you decide which system would best suit your project.


Projected windows are described as in-system windows because, although a single window unit can be installed, their design excels when they are integrated inside of another system. Projected windows can be used with nearly any manufacturer’s structure, including our high quality glazed structures. With options including awning, casement, and fixed windows, our Projected System allows your structure to be outfitted with operable additions for increased ventilation and enjoyment of the space. The Projected System is engineered specifically for outswing applications and is an ideal solution for both commercial and residential applications.


Our Mulled System allows for awning, hopper, casement, and fixed windows. This system provides the highest level of versatility and flexibility on the market today. Any combination of fixed or operable windows can be integrated into one unit. Unlike the systems of other manufacturers, Solar Innovations®‘ Mulled System can include both inswing and outswing windows in one structure, creating a truly unique and customizable system. This system can be used for in-system or punched opening installation.


The International System was the next generation of our Mulled System. Now with three generations of its own, the International System includes tilt turn, casement, awning, fixed, and hopper windows. All operations are able to be incorporated into the same unit, with a single frame and consistent sightlines. This system can also be mulled with Swing Doors to accommodate an entire integrated Door & Window Schedule.


Fixed Windows

Fixed Windows are stationary panels that do not operate. They can be mulled with operable units to create a custom window arrangement. Fixed Windows are less restricted in size than operable units.

Tilt Turn Windows

The beauty of a Tilt Turn Window is its dual action. The window will open like a casement window and will tilt in at the top. The window will swing inward when opened like a casement, with a screen on the window’s exterior. The window can then open inward at the top like a hopper. Both actions are activated by the turn of a lever, which controls all the mechanics within the frame. Read More >

Casement Windows

Casement Windows, which crank open like a book, are one of the most popular window styles in the world today. Each Solar Innovations® Casement Window is constructed from a thermally enhanced frame, which helps with insulation and protection from the elements. Read More >

Awning Windows

Awning Windows open outward from the bottom. These windows are especially useful to keep air circulation within a room or structure, as their design allows cool air to enter. Read More >

Hopper Windows

Hopper Windows are hinged at the bottom and open inward from the top. They are often used for transoms and basement windows. Hopper Windows are an added security measure, because unwelcome intruders cannot climb a glass window and crawl in from the top. Read More >

Specialty Windows

Folding Glass Windows

Folding Glass Windows are nearly identical to our Folding Glass Walls, just on a smaller scale.  These windows are often used for enclosed patios, sunrooms, and serving windows between kitchens and dining rooms in residential settings. Commercial applications include restaurant windows, hotel windows, and stadium boxes. Read More >

Slide & Stack Glass Windows

Slide & Stack Glass Windows by Solar Innovations® are a scaled down version of our Slide & Stack Glass Wall and can be used in similar applications. This window system is suitable for residential use but is most commonly found in commercial applications like stadiums, conference rooms, restaurants, and hotels. Read More >

Sliding Glass Windows

Sliding Glass Windows are a scaled down version of our Sliding Glass Doors, and are popular for use in both residential and commercial applications. Sliding Glass Windows can be used as serving windows in outdoor kitchens, operable walls in stadium suites, or any other window applications. Read More >

Pivot Windows

Pivot Windows function like Pivot Doors and are available in center or offset pivot locations. Pivot Windows offer similar benefits as casement windows, but can be used where space is more limited. The window opens both inward and outward when operated, which takes up less space on the interior and exterior. Read More >

Garden Windows

Garden Windows, or Greenhouse Windows, project outward from the existing structure to create a shelf or set of shelves commonly used to house plants, including flowers and herbs. Custom garden windows are designed to allow plants which thrive on sunlight to achieve to their maximum potential. Read More >

Structurally Glazed Windows

Sometimes called Butt Joint Glazed Windows, Structurally Glazed Windows are a unique glazing option consisting of two pieces of glass that are joined together at a 90 degree angle, without any metal framing attached to the corner.  The end result is a modern architectural window with a contemporary appeal.  Because there is no corner framing, the window provides unobstructed views. Read More >

The SI7000 Window System series can transform any indoor space filling it with the warmth and wonder of the outdoors. With a broad range in window options, from fixed to tilt-turn, there are countless custom configurations for both commercial and residential applications that complement any space. These aluminum windows will not rust, rot, warp, or need constant finish maintenance. The aluminum frame will last for years and years, even as it endures direct sunlight, rain, wind, and snowstorms thanks to Solar Innovations® thermal break technology. These systems can be incorporated into almost any glass structures, houses, hotels, storefronts, and restaurants, just to name a few applications.



Systems include fixed, casement, awning, tilt turn, tilt slide, hopper, and egress window Standard finishes: AAMA 2603 Bronze, White; Class I Anodized Clear, Dark Bronze
Mulled options available Designer finishes: AAMA 2603 Hartford Green, Black, Natural Clay, Sandstone
Consistent sightlines within systems Custom finishes: powder coat, fluoropolymer, wood veneer, metal cladding, & foiling options
LEED friendly system including recycled content Dual color or dual finish options
Thermally enhanced aluminum profiles Decorative interior & exterior grids
Test results may be available upon request Fixed mesh insect screens
Large variety of hardware options In-system frame flanges, snap-in nailing fins, or slide-on nailing flanges
Heavy salt water resistant finishes available