Impact Rated

The SI4100 Series also offers impact rated options that offer maximum protection from water, wind, and impact resistance tested to withstand hurricane conditions.
*Vinyl pocketing sliding doors will have a longer lead time than our standard vinyl sliding option.

Blur Your Boundaries

Our vinyl composite sliding glass doors have a variety of options and styles to choose from fitting in a variety of commercial and residential applications. These high end vinyl composite sliding glass doors provide up to four panels wide with a dual track system, excellent water barrier performance, and exceptional energy values, therefore making them a very strong choice for your next project. The impact system meet standards of the Florida Building Code and other coastal fenestration requirements; we are also able to conduct project-specific testing if required.


Narrow vinyl-composite sliding glass doors offer the same energy efficiency and durability as the wide rails but in a narrower frame. With the narrow design of its stiles and rails, these doors are perfect for taking full advantage of views and daylight. The narrow rail is available in both dual track and multi-track sliding glass door systems. Florida non-impact options are also available.


Achieve more panoramic views with the vinyl-composite multi-track sliding glass doors. Smoothly slide open the doors and invite expansive views, fresh air, and an abundance of warm, natural light into your space. Low maintenance, superior energy efficiency, and ease of operation make our multi-track sliding doors ideal for both commercial and residential applications. The medium rail is available in both dual track and multi-track sliding glass door systems.


Wide vinyl-composite sliding glass doors are an energy efficient, durable solution for any application. The beauty and elegance of classic sliding doors are harmonized with the superior strength and durability of the vinyl-composite framing. Wide offers a distinctive look with wide stiles and rails. The wide rail is available in both dual track and multi-track slidi ng glass door systems. Florida impact certified options are also available.

PLEASE NOTE: All hardware is subject to vendor availability. Custom finishes may be available upon request at additional lead time and/or cost. Solar Innovations® reserves the right to discontinue any hardware option at any time.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending upon color selection, extra cost and lead times may apply for all finishes other than Solar Innovations® stock standards. Color illustrations are shown as accurate as standard photography and printing processes allow. Final finish selection should be made from a physical sample; please contact Solar Innovations® to receive samples. All product and finish options are subject to vendor availability. Solar Innovations® reserves the right to discontinue any option at any time without notice. Additional options, including custom color matches, are available; contact a Solar Innovations® sales designer for details.

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“I can’t tell you how helpful everyone has been at Solar Innovations, they made the entire process so simple!”

John Paul Skarupa, von Thaden Builders, Inc., Massachusetts

“We installed the door today. It went very well and everyone is happy with the finished product. We will use your product again when possible.”

Mike Huizenga, Lakeshore Glass and Metals LLC, Michigan