Vinyl Composite Sliding Glass Door

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Residential Vinyl Sliding Glass Door

Vinyl-Composite Sliding Glass Doors

Our vinyl composite sliding glass doors have a variety of options and styles to choose from fitting in a variety of commercial and residential applications. These high end vinyl composite sliding glass doors provide up to four panels wide with a dual track system, excellent water barrier performance, and exceptional energy values, therefore making them a very strong choice for your next project. The 4100 Series also offers impact rated options that offer maximum protection from water, wind, and impact resistance tested to withstand hurricane conditions. The impact system meet standards of the Florida Building Code and other coastal fenestration requirements; we are also able to conduct project-specific testing if required.

Hotel Vinyl Sliding Glass Door

Wide Sliding Glass Doors

Jazz Wide vinyl-composite sliding glass doors are an energy-efficient, durable solution. The beauty and elegance of classic sliding and French doors are harmonized with the superior strength and durability of the vinyl-composite framing. Jazz Wide offers a distinctive look with wide stiles and rails.

Slim Sliding Glass Doors

Jazz Slim vinyl-composite sliding glass doors offer the same energy-efficiency and durability as Jazz Wide in a narrower frame. This system allows homeowners to take full advantage of views and daylight with the slim design of its stiles and rails.

Ease of Operation

Solar Innovations’ systems offer single-handed operation and move smoothly with little effort. Much of our hardware is manufactured in house which allows us to control lead times.

Hurricane Impact Rated

Our company currently offers the largest selection of products tested for Florida ratings, tested to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

Sustainable Products

Solar’s products are manufactured with outstanding thermal performance, durable framework, and sustainable materials making it a great option for your next project.

Screen Options

Screen options are available on a wide variety of our door and window products. These screen options help keep the pests at bay while still allowing you to view the outdoors.


  • Stiles & rails reinforced with metallic stiffeners
  • Sashes designed for 1” insulated glazing
  • Twin-point mortise lock standard
  • High quality nylon tandem ball bearing rollers
  • Strong interlocking at the meeting stile area


  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum screen
  • Black fiberglass screen mesh
  • Miter cut corner
  • Adjustable rollers that provide smoothness of operation without coming off the track

Solar Innovations® high end Vinyl-Composite Sliding Glass Door System allows for up to four panels wide on a dual track system, while offering excellent water barrier performance, exceptional thermal performance and energy efficiency, and durability that makes it a strong choice for any project. With Narrow and Wide rail options and impact rated availability, Solar Innovations® Vinyl-Composite Sliding Doors are flexible and are ideal choices for both residential and commercial applications.



5 5/8″ all PVC multichamber profilesCustom finish options: painted colors available using the Royal Bond Spectracoat Technology
Extruded-on nailing fin, full 4 9/16″ behind finMatching fixed transoms and sidelites
Welded or mechanically fastened frameHeavy duty extruded aluminum screen
Anodized aluminum thresholdAdjustable rollers to provide smoothness of operation without coming off track
Four continuous weatherstripsInterior jamb extensions offered in many sizes
Colonial profile style at edge of glassBrick mould with aluminum sill extension
Vertical stiles reinforced by metal stiffenersExterior jamb pocket cover
Sashes designed for 1″ insulated glazing
Strong interlocking at the meeting stile area
Euro series handles in 6 different finishes
Key lock, head lock, and security bar options
High quality nylon tandem ball bearing rollers