Vinyl-Composite Windows

Solar Innovations® Architectural Glazing System’s durable, energy-efficient vinyl-composite window systems require minimal maintenance, and repainting is not required. Solar Innovations® versatile vinyl- composite provides end users increased flexibility. Vinyl-composite framing demand is growing from the need for superior window systems in the commercial industry. The uPVC make-up utilized by Solar provides environmental sustainability, durability, unparalleled performance. The framing is moisture resistant will not rust, warp, or rot over time. The vinyl-composite product line also allows for both doors and windows to have matching sightlines.

Ideal Sightlines

The vinyl-composite window systems allow for awning, in-swing casement, out-swing casement, tilt slide, and tilt turn operations. When closed, these windows provide outstanding thermal and acoustical performance. Large chambers accommodate for reinforcement inserts for large openings in commercial applications. Multiple locking points are available. Testing performance is available. Complementary swing doors are also available.

Hung Tilt-Turn Windows

One window recently found in the news is the simulated hung window with tilt turn operation. Not long ago, Solar noticed a growing need in the simulated single hung and double hung window market. Historical applications have specific sightlines to maintain due to building codes, as well as changing codes, acoustical requirements, and thermal performance needs. These simulated hung tilt turn windows not only keep the traditional consistency of the building, but provide the superior performance demanded by today’s market.

Residential Windows

Tilt-Turn Windows

Vinyl tilt turn windows are common in Europe and are quickly becoming a popular option in the United States. A uPVC vinyl tilt turn window has a dual action; the window tilts inwards like a hopper window, and with the turn of the handle, it opens inwards like a casement window. When the uPVC vinyl tilt turn window is in the hopper position, fresh air can enter the room without requiring the entire window to be left opened. The hopper position also provides additional safety to children and pets, because there is still protection in front of the opening. Specialty vinyl tilt turn configurations are available, and the system can easily be combined with fixed windows. If desired, transoms can be added above a uPVC vinyl tilt turn window.

Solar Innovations® now offers vinyl tilt turn windows with uPVC vinyl framing. These windows will not rot, rust or warp because they are made from uPVC vinyl. Thermal conductivity is also eliminated with a uPVC vinyl frame, meaning the window does not transfer hot and cold temperatures through the framing, creating an energy efficient window.

Ease of Operation

Solar Innovations’ systems offer single-handed operation and move smoothly with little effort. Much of our hardware is manufactured in house which allows us to control lead times.

Screen Options

Screen options are available on a wide variety of our door and window products. These screen options help keep the pests at bay while still allowing you to view the outdoors.

Custom Engineering for Custom Glazed Windows and Doors

Custom Engineered

Each Solar Innovations system is custom made to order based on your project needs and preferences. Our team of engineering experts has you covered.

Sustainable Products

Solar’s products are manufactured with outstanding thermal performance, durable framework, and sustainable materials making it a great option for your next project.

Vinyl-Composite Window Systems are increasing in demand in both the commercial and residential industries for their high performance, low maintenance, and design flexibility. When closed, these windows provide outstanding thermal and acoustical performance, creating a comfortable indoor environment year round and significantly reducing heating and cooling costs. Vinyl-composite framing requires minimal maintenance; it is moisture resistant and will not rust, warp, or rot over time. Solar Innovations® Vinyl-Composite Window line allows for fixed, awning, in- and out-swing casement, hopper, tilt slide, and tilt turn windows, all with matching sightlines and finishes.



Fixed, casement, awning, hopper, tilt slide, & tilt turn windowsStandard paint or custom laminated finishes
3 1/4″ & 2 3/8″ frame depthGroove for accessories: brick molds, extension jambs, profiles to couple window elements
Mulled window capacityFixed mesh insect screens
Consistent sightlines within systemsIntegrated sidelites & transoms
LEED friendly system including recycled contentHorizontal mullions
Designed & manufactured in the USA
Naturally thermally efficient vinyl-composite profiles
Multiple dual weather seals
Test results may be available upon request
Designed to accommodate almost any monolithic, insulated, laminated, decorative, polycarbonate, or solid panel infills  up to 1 3/8″
Standard, keyed lock, and ADA compliant hardware solutions

WindowMaster Compatible

Many Solar Innovations operable glazing systems are compatible with WindowMaster motors. These units can be linked to smart home and building automation systems and are built for excellent performance over the life of the product. Click here for more information.