Conservatory Design Services

In-house Conservatory Design Consultants

When considering a conservatory for your home or business, there are many selections which must be made that can make the process seem overwhelming. Allow Solar Innovations, Inc.’s conservatory consultants to ease the burden by assisting you through the process. With over 16 years in the custom conservatory field, our team can help you get it right the first time, saving you precious time, money, and aggravation.

Through the years, Solar Innovations, Inc. has manufactured thousands of conservatories that have been installed across the country. Our conservatories are produced with custom dimensions, ranging from cramped rooftop structures to sprawling country estates. Our goal in this process is to help you understand conservatory design and assist you in making practical, informed decisions the first time. Solar’s designers can help with projects ranging from residential to commercial to institutional.

No matter how much thought you have put into your structure, its appearance, its use, or its furnishings, unexpected considerations will arise. Your conservatory consultant can act as a guide to assure your project is completed in a timely manner. Selecting the configuration of your structure is often the most daunting task. Our consultants will walk you through the process of selecting a configuration that can act as a focal point or blend seamlessly into existing architecture.

Customers with existing greenhouses often elect to use Solar Innovations, Inc.’s glazing upgraded services, since most historical conservatories were built using monolithic glass, which is not energy efficient. A consultant will work through various glazing options and cost comparisons to help determine the material selection for the re-glaze which best fits your application.

When a conservatory designer visits your property, they will administer an evaluation to review your goals for the conservatory: where you think it may be located, intended investment, and how you plan to use the space? This evaluation establishes a starting point and forces both parties to focus on the new structure. It also allows you and the consultant to better identify areas of consideration that may require additional discussion and time. Drawing from our team’s vast knowledge will allow you to review virtually any topic, so please let us know if you have something particular in mind.

Your conservatory designer will begin the consultation by reviewing the structure’s intended use. Common applications include entertaining, kitchen extensions, pool enclosures, space for cultivating plants, and offices for both residential and commercial venues. The conservatory’s framing materials will be dependent upon its use. If you are planning on using the conservatory for a pool enclosure, there will be substantial levels of heat, humidity, and moisture in the space, making aluminum framework the best option. Conservatories being used for entertaining, dining, or office space, can incorporate a wood interior to warm up the room’s design and blend into the home’s established aesthetic. Construction options, such as a free standing or an attached structure, will also be discussed.

The shape of the conservatory, such as gable end, hip end, and conservatory nose can be explored. Your consultant will ensure the conservatory blends seamlessly with the facade of existing buildings on the property, taking into account factors such as height and width. The conservatory should not be taller than other buildings on your property and should be proportionate in width. If your home features grids in the windows, a matching configuration can be used in the conservatory’s windows. In new construction, siding or brick used on an attached building can be extended to create a base wall for the conservatory to further tie the two structures together.

Once use is determined, a sun and shading survey is performed by your Solar conservatory consultant to help determine the best location for the conservatory by considering patterns for different months of the year. These surveys allow heating and cooling calculations to be performed; including temperature range estimates. Existing HVAC units will be analyzed to determine if additional loading is possible and utility access points within the conservatory and equipment layout will be determined.

If you are attempting to create a specific style conservatory, your consultant will work with you to achieve the desired result. Conservatories with ornamentation, such as ridge cresting, finials, window grids, a Palladian arch, and raised base panels successfully complement classically styled homes. In contrast, if you desire a modern style conservatory, large spans of glass, small site lines, and metallic silver or black framing can be implemented in your design. 3D rendering services can provide both interior and exterior examples, allowing customers to explore several options.

Conservatory Consultant Design Services

Our conservatory consultants are available for renovations projects, not only for new construction. Using a conservatory designer ensures each factor is considered before any construction begins and your home or business is disturbed.

A Solar Innovations, Inc. conservatory consultant can even assist you in selecting the proper course of action when the decision must be made to repair specific elements or demolish the entire structure. If repair is selected, the consultant will assist you in determining which parts require replacement, where replacement parts should be purchased, and can arrange installation.

Selecting the glass used for the conservatory can become a challenge for many customers, as the industry offers a substantial amount of technical data on the wide range of glass selections available. Our conservatory designers are familiar with this data and can help you locate the proper glass to achieve your goals: eliminate glares, facilitate plant growth, retain Solar heat, etc.

After the conservatory’s details are finalized, your consultant will ask you to review the plans. Solar Innovations, Inc. will then supply you with an estimate. All jobs are supplied with a full set of shop drawings, along with engineering (if needed). Potential customers are welcomed to tour our plant in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, where they can meet with estimators, project managers, and see products in production. Installers and manufacturers can be recommended or the client is then free to take the project to bid.

If a conservatory is purchased through Solar Innovations, Inc., the initial consulting fee is refunded. Whatever your conservatory goals may be, Solar Innovations, Inc. can assist you in creating a cost effective, workable conservatory.

To speak with a conservatory consultant or conservatory designer, please contact: [email protected] or 800-618-0669

How It Works

  • Call Solar Innovations, Inc. at 800-618-0669
  • Discuss your conservatory with our sales designers
  • A consultant is assigned based on your needs
  • Preliminary sketches are provided
  •  Consultant preforms site visit
  • Solar provides product/service estimate
  • The conservatory is purchased
  • Project is assigned to a project manager
  • The engineering of your conservatory takes place
  • Your conservatory is drafted with full shop drawings provided
  •  Once you have approved the project drawings, the project is cutlisted
  • The conservatory is fabricated to meet your specifications

Benefits of Using a Consultant Your Consultant will…

  • Assist in designing your conservatory’s configuration and shape
  • Help determine where the structure should be located on your property
  • Help you determine which glazing options will work best for your conservatory
  • Your consultant will help determine your ideal interior layout by discussing the conservatory’s intended use
  • Provide valuable knowledge about your conservatory and its construction process from your consultant
  • Share their knowledge so the design and construction of your conservatory is correct the first time.