Designing Your Project

Designing Your Project consider a specific product for your home or business, there are many selections which must be made that can make the process seem overwhelming.  Allow Solar Innovations® design consultants to ease the burden by assisting you through the process. Since 1998, we have exceled in custom design and manufacturing. Our team can help you get it right the first time, saving you precious time, money, and aggravation.

Through the years, Solar Innovations® has manufactured thousands of products that have been installed across the country.  Our goal in this process is to help you understand structure design and assist you in making practical, informed decisions the first time. Solar Innovations® designers can help with projects ranging from residential to commercial to institutional.

Personal Consultant

No matter how much thought you have put into your project, its appearance, its use, or its furnishings, unexpected considerations will arise. Your design consultant can act as a guide to assure  your project is completed in a timely manner.  Selecting the configuration is often the most daunting task.  Our consultants will walk you through the process of selecting a configuration that can act as a focal point or blend seamlessly into existing architecture.

Glazing Options

Customers with existing conditions often elect to use Solar Innovations’s glazing upgraded services, since most are not as energy efficient.  A consultant will work through various glazing options and cost comparisons to help determine the material selection for the re-glaze which best fits your application. See our full line of glazing options here.

Property Evaluation

When a designer visits your property, they will administer an evaluation to review your goals for the project: where you think it may be located, intended investment, and how you plan to use the space? This evaluation establishes a starting point and forces both parties to focus on the new design.  It also allows you and the consultant to better identify areas of consideration that may require additional discussion and time. Drawing from our team’s vast knowledge will allow you to review virtually any topic, so please let us know if you have something particular in mind.