Greenhouse Consulting Services

Purchasing a greenhouse can easily become a large investment. When beginning to plan a greenhouse, it may be wise to work with a consultant. A greenhouse consultant works much like an architect or interior designer for new homes or commercial buildings, the greenhouse consultant is hired to assist you in planning, designing, and building your greenhouse. Solar Innovations, Inc. manufactures greenhouses and provides greenhouse consulting services to any homeowner or commercial greenhouse enthusiast.

Our greenhouse experts will work with you to create a plan for your project and educate you about the greenhouse, its function, and available accessories. By working with our consultant, you can be confident that the greenhouse designed for your site is the correct choice. The consultation begins with a questionnaire regarding the intended use of the greenhouse, plants to be grown, budget, and structure location. This survey provides your consultant with a starting point for making the appropriate greenhouse selections. The planning consultation will address virtually every topic of greenhouse growing from aspects like location and glass type to the use of the greenhouse and plant selections.

One of the first topics covered is the use of the greenhouse. By knowing what will be grown in the greenhouse, the design process can flow with ease and ensure that the correct selections are being made the first time. Consider: Will you be growing orchids, tropical plants, vegetables, citrus trees, or something completely different? After the plant type is identified, the focus can turn towards the site.

Onsite Services

Seeing a potential greenhouse site provides an unprecedented advantage during the planning process. For that reason, customers may choose to have the consultant visit their job site and perform a site survey. While on site, our representatives will perform a sun study and shading analysis to determine where the sun will shine during each month of the year, as well as what sections of the greenhouse will be shaded, when they will be shaded, and at what angle. These measurements will determine if adequate sunlight is available for a greenhouse in your desired location.

After the proper location is determined, the basic configuration of the greenhouse can be designed. The consultant will help you determine the greenhouse’s size based on your desired investment range. Personal requests, such as ease of access, plant preferences, and lifestyle choices will be factored into the design’s shape.

The difference between an attached structures and free standing structures will be reviewed.
The type of plants in your collection is often discussed during this process. If you plan to grow palm trees, additional height is often needed, whereas bonsai trees do not require additional height.
Size requirements will also be discussed. A gardener with 300 orchids in their collection will need a larger greenhouse than someone with only 50 plants.

Structural Planning Services

The greenhouse exterior is as important as the interior; Solar Innovations, Inc.’s consultants can help ensure your greenhouse aesthetically blends with the existing architecture. Grid styles and window frame finishes can be replicated on the greenhouse to match your home’s windows, further tying the two structures together. If a specific architectural style is desired for the new greenhouse, your consultant will assist in the selection of decorative accessories to achieve the desired appearance. For a more modern appearance, your greenhouse can also feature large spans of glass, flat rafters, and Stainless Steel cladding.

Plant growth and heat gain are often two concerns for a prospective greenhouse owner; glass choices will be discussed during your consultation. Solar Innovations, Inc. offers many different types of glass, as well as tints specially developed for greenhouses. The consultant will explain different options in glass selection, shade options, and help decide on the option that best fits your plants, energy goals, and property location.

Beyond glass, utilities will be researched during your consultation to ensure the greenhouse can support your desired environment, such as water pressure for a mister. Items to consider are if a water line can be accessed and whether or not the existing building’s HVAC system can handle additional heating and cooling loads.


Plant and Accessory Planning Services

Solar Innovations, Inc. offers plant consultants to discuss the types of plants you wish to grow, help create a floor plan, and layout accessories for desired plants. For example: If you wish to grow orchids, you will need a humidifier, filtered light (a shade system may be appropriate), and benches. A plant hanger system is also a good choice.

A greenhouse consultant can clarify the difference between accessories, such as the benefit of using a gravel bench instead of a fixed bench, heating and cooling options, and the various watering control selections. Automating your greenhouse is an option that many gardeners desire, this system provides the freedom to leave the greenhouse unattended for several days and ensure the plants’ health does not suffer as a result.

At this point, a base plan has been developed for your greenhouse, and the next step is a structural estimate. Solar Innovations, Inc. can recommend or provide installers for your project or provide DIY kits for those customers who want a turnkey project. Customers are welcome to tour our facility and experience our several working greenhouses. During your visit, you can witness how accessories are implemented and experience their operation first hand. Your tour will include a view of our manufacturing facility and a meeting with an estimator, project manager, and other parties involved in the production of your greenhouse.

After a project is purchased, it will go through the entire Solar Innovations, Inc. process, beginning with engineering, to ensure the greenhouse will withstand required wind, rain, and snow loads.

Gardeners of all skill levels can benefit from a greenhouse consultant. If you are new to gardening, the consultant can also recommend accessories, hoses, and hand tools that are useful in a entry level greenhouse.

Taking advantage of Solar Innovations, Inc. allows you to draw upon consultants, knowledge, and experience that has been gained through the manufacturing and installation of thousands of greenhouses. Our team’s knowledge allows you to design a greenhouse without trial and error, eliminating wasted time and costly re-work. Furthermore, if you choose to purchase a greenhouse from Solar Innovations, Inc., the consulting fee is credited to your signed greenhouse order.

No matter your greenhouse goal, Solar Innovations, Inc.’s consulting can help you to achieve it.

To speak with a greenhouse consultant, please e-mail: [email protected] or call: 800-618-0669

How it Works

  • Call Solar Innovations, Inc. at 800-618-0669
  • Discuss your greenhouse project with our sales designers
  • A consultant is assigned based on your needs
  • Preliminary sketches of your greenhouse are provided
  • Consultant preforms site visit
  • Solar provides product/service estimate
  • The greenhouse is purchased
  • Project is assigned to a project manager
  • The engineering of your greenhouse takes place
  • Your greenhouse is drafted with full shop drawings
  • Once you have approved the project drawings, the project is cutlisted
  •  The greenhouse is fabricated to meet your specifications

Benefits of Using a Consultant

Your Greenhouse Consultant will…

  • Assist in designing your structure’s configuration and shape
  • Help determine where the structure should be located on your property
  • Help determine which glazing options will work best for your situation
  • Help determine your ideal interior layout by discussing the greenhouse’s intended use
  • Provide you with valuable knowledge about the greenhouse and its construction process from your consultant
  • Share their knowledge, so the design and construction of your greenhouse is correct the first time.