Greenhouse Installation

installation_greenhousesOne of the most important aspects consider when purchasing a greenhouse is the product’s installation. Solar Innovations® has over 25 years of experience as an industry leader in the greenhouse installation field. Our greenhouse installation experts have installed products varying from small residential greenhouses to large institutional greenhouses.

Solar Innovations® will perform greenhouse installation services within a 6 hour travel radius of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. Solar Innovations® can provide customers with a list of certified dealers and preferred installers in your area. When purchasing a Solar Innovations® greenhouse, a factory direct installation can eliminate any obstacles in the installation process. Our knowledgeable greenhouse installation team is trained in the correct protocols to ensure the accurate installation of your structure.

Solar Innovations® can also assist in the installation of replacement parts for other manufacturers’ greenhouses. For example, if a pane of glass breaks in your greenhouse but the manufacturer went out of business in the 1970s, Solar Innovations® is often able to source the replacement glass and complete the installation.

If you have a fairly new greenhouse, but it overheats in the summer, Solar Innovations®’s greenhouse installation services could also be of benefit to you. One of our shade systems can be retrofitted to match your greenhouse’s framing to help resolve the issue. Not only does Solar Innovations® provide a wide variety of shade options, but our skilled team can also provide the installation.

The structure is just the first step when purchasing a greenhouse. Our team of greenhouse installation experts can also install the necessary accessories to allow your plants to thrive year round. The addition of an environmental control system allows customers to automate watering, heating, cooling, and humidification within the greenhouse. These systems can be included in the installation of your Solar Innovations®’s greenhouse or retrofitted to be installed in your existing structure.

Solar Innovations®’s greenhouse installation experts can provide the proper solution for customers who wish to have a newly installed greenhouse or simply improve their existing structure. For more information on Solar Innovations®’s greenhouse installation services contact us today at 800-618-0669 or [email protected].