Greenhouse Replacement

total_replacementThe first question you should ask when you begin researching your potential greenhouse replacement is, “Will I be replacing the entire unit or just replacing parts of the greenhouse?” Solar Innovations® provides replacement parts for greenhouse and full greenhouse replacement when necessary.

A full greenhouse may be required if metal is bent and glass is broken beyond the point of repair. The new greenhouse can be manufactured to meet the same specifications as the previous structure or can be redesigned to provide an improved layout.

Antique greenhouses that once provided a stately and grand appearance can become an eyesore if they are not properly maintained. When these greenhouses fall into such states of disrepair, they can be demolished and replaced with a new unit. Solar Innovations®’s greenhouse replacement experts can replicate the historic appearance of the previous structure or provide a greenhouse with an updated modern look if desired.

Aging greenhouses were typically outfitted with benches made from wood or steel. These greenhouse benches rot or rust over time. Solar Innovations® offers replacement benches made with aluminum framing that will not rot, rust, or warp when exposed to water or temperature changes.

The humid interior environment of a greenhouse tends to take a toll on components if not properly maintained. These components receive prolonged exposure to sunlight, water, humidity, and dirt, often causing the products to break down or not perform to their desired potential. Solar Innovations® can provide replacement heaters, coolers, and foggers that may have stopped working or are producing inefficient results.

Shading is also an important element in most greenhouses. Replacement may be necessary if proper care wasn’t taken when selecting or installing a greenhouse’s shade system. Solar Innovations® offers wide variety of operable and fixed shading options for greenhouses.

Whether you will be undertaking a complete greenhouse replacement or simply replacing a few panes of glass, contact a Solar Innovations® representative today at 800-618-0669 or [email protected] to discuss your project.