Skylight Replacement

skylight_replacementBroken or leaky skylights not only detract from a building’s attractiveness, but can also pose as a liability. Aging skylights with frames made of steel or wood have a tendency to deteriorate over time. Skylights can become unsightly and, in some cases, a safety hazard when they rot and rust.

A skylight’s frame is often in good shape, but the glass falls victim to the various issues that arise from years of weather exposure. High winds and moisture can cause condensation during temperature changes when the seal of aged glass breaks; leading to a “foggy” appearance. Rain may also begin to penetrate the roof and threaten interior furnishings. In these cases, the skylight may only require a glass replacement. Solar Innovations® uses double or triple pane tempered glass that features LowE coatings when re-glazing a skylight, both for safety purposes and for energy efficiency.

An aging motor, like other aspects of skylights, can also fail over time. Solar Innovations® can provide troubleshooting advice and replacement units to restore the skylight’s mobility when a motor begins to jam or simply stops.

A replacement unit can be provided if Solar Innovations®’s skylight replacement experts determine a skylight is a complete state of disrepair. Any opening, size, or configuration requirement can be met because of the custom nature of Solar Innovations®’s skylights. The replacement skylight can mimic the original design or feature upgrades, such as venting and shading systems.

If you are considering a skylight replacement, please contact a knowledgeable Solar Innovations® representative today at 800-618-0669. Providing pictures of the your failing skylight will greatly assist our team of skylight experts in determining the best course of action to take.