Skylight Restoration

skylight_restorationHistoric skylights traditionally possess prominent architectural appeal. The fine detail work of these skylights was used to showcase the workmanship of the master craftsmen who constructed them. Unfortunately, most of these skylights were constructed of wood, which tends to rot after decades of exposure to the elements. Solar Innovations® offers skylight restoration services.

Solar Innovations®’s in-house team of engineers and designers will work to restore your skylight and keep it as similar to the original aesthetics as possible. Your restored skylight will be manufactured in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania from the highest quality, long lasting materials. Solar Innovations®’s framing is constructed from durable aluminum that will not rust, rot, or require constant finish maintenance. Customers will also receive the added benefits of energy efficient double and triple pane glass with LowE coatings in their skylight.

Owners of skylights that were glazed with polycarbonate 20 or 30 years ago may also benefit from skylight restoration services. The aging polycarbonate may have become brittle or yellowed from exposure to the elements over the years. If this is the case, both the structure and aesthetic benefits of your skylight may have been compromised. Solar Innovations® works extensively with polycarbonate, even offering daylighting systems featuring Lumira Aerogel, and can provide a solution to restore your polycarbonate skylight to its former glory.