Skylight Services

skylight_repairSolar Innovations® offers various skylight services, such as basic service work, skylight installation, skylight replacement, and skylight restoration. Information on these services can be found in the tabs below. If you would like further information or to speak with a Solar Innovations®’s representative, contact us today at 800-618-0669 or [email protected].

Skylights are a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to any home; as they are not only a design element, but they also filter natural daylight into a home. Unfortunately, a leaking skylight can present a home owner with major problems like damaged floors, walls, and décor.

The skylight service work required can be as simple as clearing weep holes. Water can back up if dirt or debris have clogged the weep holes, and a leak may occur if the water has nowhere to escape. Leaks can also stem from cracked glass or a compromised frame. Solar Innovations®’s skylight technicians will work to identify the cause of the leak and develop a solution. Because of Solar’s 15 years of experience in the glazing field, we are able to provide skylight service to units both manufactured by Solar Innovations® and those produced by other manufacturers. Other issues, such as broken motors in operable skylights can be serviced by Solar Innovations®’s team members. Skylight motors can malfunction because they are often exposed to harsh elements. Providing photographs for reference is appreciated when contacting us about service work, as they can help our staff to diagnose your issues with greater ease.