Window and Door Restoration

Window and Door Restoration
Window and Door Restoration does not only apply to antiques or extremely old units. Modern systems such as folding glass walls can need restoration as well.

The glass in a folding glass wall will need restoration work if it has become damaged, leaky, or fogged. Old folding glass wall units can benefit from the addition of insulated glass. Grids can be added or mimicked to provide a historic appearance in older units.

Constant foot traffic may eventually cause damage to a commercial folding glass wall’s door panels. The bottom of the door may become dented or the finish may become worn over time. The addition of a kick plate during your folding glass wall restoration will remedy this situation.

If the building your folding glass wall has been installed into is undergoing a renovation, the unit may no longer fit the building’s updated style. Portions of the door can be altered during the folding glass wall restoration to fit the building’s new appearance. Hardware, grids, glazing, and finishes can be altered so the folding glass wall suits its surroundings.

Aging folding glass wall units sometimes employ wooden base panels beneath their glass. These rotted panels can be removed during restoration and replaced with an aluminum panel and can even feature grid work to provide a historic aesthetic.

If you would like to further discuss the restoration of your folding glass wall, please contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. representative at 800-618-0669 or [email protected]. Proving your representative with photographs of the issue will greatly expedite the folding glass wall restoration process.