Propagation Greenhouses

A propagation greenhouse is typically a small scale greenhouse where seeds and cuttings are started. They provide adequate space to start seeds and propagate your plants. Benches hold seed trays and allow plants to mature. Solar Innovations® offers grow lights and seed mats to assist in seed production. A bench type offered by Solar Innovations® which work wonderfully in a propagation house, are seedling beds. This type of bench is essentially an indoor raised bed on legs. It has a solid top to hold soil. Seedlings can grow directly in the bed, providing an indoor vegetable or flower garden; it is possible to have fresh organic produce year round.


Seedlings should be transplanted outdoors as they mate to ensure lighting, temperature, and humidity are all controlled they will typically be larger and healthier than grown on a window sill. Monolithic glass can be used in unheated greenhouse or insulated double pane glass can create year-round heating and cooling. A monolithic glass greenhouse is strictly for starting seeds and cuttings. Greenhouses are constructed with of an aluminum frame that will not rust, warp, rot, or require constant finish maintenance.


For a greenhouse to be used year round, it requires heating and cooling, which Solar Innovations® offers. Vegetables and flowers can be grown in the middle of a snowstorm. Accessories can be controlled; such as venting, water solutions, heating, and cooling. Most accessories can be automated to help plants survive the winter or a long vacation. Plants, such as geraniums and coleus, can be brought into the greenhouse in fall and will continue to grow.