Citrus Greenhouses

Citrus greenhouses were originally called orangeries because of the oranges and other citrus fruits raised in the structure. Over time, the orangery has changed to an architectural conservatory. However, citrus greenhouses are still in use. Citrus greenhouses are intended to provide a protected location and tropical growing environment to nurture fruit during cold winter months or in cooler climates. Lime, lemon, mango, and pineapple plants can also be grown in this environment. Citrus greenhouses tend to follow a more classic architectural form, including large, open windows, grids or simulated divided lites, and classic glazing options.

In past years citrus greenhouses were heated by coal stoves, but as a modern-day twist on a European classic, heating and watering units are available from Solar Innovations® to create the tropical environment desired for the citrus greenhouse with little concern for daily maintenance. Solar Innovations® provides a thermally-enhanced growing atmosphere which minimizes energy use and maximizes efficiency while providing an English greenhouse environment suitable for a wide variety of vegetation.

One of a Kind

True to Solar Innovations®’ motto, we tailor greenhouses to meet the requests of our customers. Numerous glazing, decorative elements, accessories, and architectural designs can be selected by our customers with the assistance of our design team to ensure the proper citrus greenhouse is created. Whether lean-to or free standing, Solar Innovations® is happy to work with our customers to make their tropical environments a dream come true.

Growing Around the Plants

The citrus greenhouse will be designed around your trees. Established plants can be grown in earth beds, located directly in the ground. Younger and smaller plants will need benches which Solar offers as an accessory. Humidifiers are also available for your tropical trees. Drip solutions are often a common selection for citrus greenhouses, so each plant receives an even amount of water. After all accessories are in place, many citrus greenhouses will use an environmental controller to automatically operate items like the vents, misters, heating and cooling.

Go Green

Solar’s unique combination of structural design and accessories provide a “green” advantage to our customers. We are able to provide a more consistent, thermally-enhanced environment which minimizes heating and cooling costs, as well as long-term maintenance for the overall structure. We are continually developing our “greener” side and are pleased to work with our customers to meet their environmental and architectural design needs