We just finished installing the 2nd order of folding glass wall systems into our client, Red Dot restaurant’s building. I decided to write this letter because I’m so impressed with your product. Both systems were well documented, packaged, and built. We have no detectable air infiltration in 15kt wind and it was 10 degrees out! You make a great product. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Richard Hake | Windowman LLC

Just writing a quick note to say the greenhouse you fabricated and installed on the Concord, MA house we designed looks great, and has been a big hit with the clients. The GC told me the install crew did a good job. On the recent cold days we have had (before the heating system is up and running) it has been the favored place to hang out.

Hank Reisen | Reisen Design Associates

Our builder here in Morganton, NC – Cottonwood – is so impressed with your products in our home that they would like to incorporate big windows and doors into new homes they are designing and constructing.

Tracy and Rich Krause | Morganton, North Carolina 

The skylights are in, the sun is shining through them and they look great. Your installers were very professional and pleasant and left the job site in an immaculate condition. Thank you for all your assistance throughout this project. I am delighted to have my sunroom back!

Rosemary Killian | Wilmington, Delaware

Solar Innovations Inc has provided and installed a custom fabricated glass and aluminum skylight structure as per the project specifications, and approved shop drawings. The process included many changes/ revisions to the structure during the shop drawing phases. The final product was delivered and installed as expected, and per our specifications. The overall project is still in the construction process. We expect to be completed in March of 2010. All parties (owner, architect, and designer) are very pleased with the outcome, and the effects it has on the Main Great Hall below. The original skylight was roofed over years ago. (see attached). It is our Intention yo have Solar Innovations Inc.  included in future projects.

Barry Bragin | Cherokee Construction

My compliments to Solar Innovations; I sincerely appreciate your excellent work designing, fabricating, and installing my new greenhouse. Your staff, and most notably Darren Coder, James Heisey, Jon McKee, and Alex Hambleton, were remarkably knowledgeable, courteous, and responsive throughout this extraordinarily challenging project. The townhouse I own has been undergoing a complete renovation/ rebuilding project for the last four years. The original contractors poorly constructed the new top floor, including a rooftop greenhouse and the walls surrounding it; the rooms below flooded several times, and the ceilings fell in. The entire area required demolition and rebuilding. I carefully and extensively researched greenhouse manufactures and chose Solar Innovations after intense scrutiny, and I’m so glad that I did! I have worked with many contractors and subcontractors in many trades, but Solar innovations is among the very finest and most professional. I would recommend your company without hesitation for both the quality of the product and the integrity of the management and employees.

Barbara Rogers | New York, NY

Just a note to mention how pleased we are with the overall quality of the product and ease of installation of the skylight we purchased from Solar Innovations.  After a difficult engineering phase with numerous adjustments, the end user is very pleased. Although this was our first experience using Solar Innovations and understanding some of the timelines to assure delivery dates, we look forward to using your product in the future. BlackBerry Systems will be visiting the site tomorrow and taking some pictures and forwarding to Solar Innovations.

Jeff Mann | BlackBerry Window and Door Systems

All of us at CAFCO would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your team for your efforts on the Beaver County Day School Project. Every successful project can be attributed to a collaboration of the individual efforts. We acknowledge that it was the hark work and dedication of each individual, under aggressive time constraints, that enabled CAFCO to realize our commitment. Thank you again and we look forward to future opportunities!

Ed McCabe | CAFCO

Since our company has been installing Solar innovations Operable Doors and Windows my installers and myself did a little comparision between Opening Glass Wall Systems and Solar Innovations Operable Doors and Windows out perform all competitors in cost, quality, and performance. Solar Innovations Operable Doors have the heavy duty hinges mounted on the exterior and interior of the unit, the double weather stripping does not allow any penetration of cold or warm air into homes especially in the Midwest. In the Midwest we get extreme weather conditions and that causes expansion and contraction of the units. We also noticed the thickness of Solar Innovations Operable Door extrusions are double the thickness of other comparable door units that we have installed in the past. Other Door Units that we have installed in the past, mainly the taller units seem to bow in the center over time and caused air penetration and frosting. When our company installed a Solar Innovations Operable Door with a height of 11’8 we noticed the Solar Innovations extrusions are 1/8″ + in thickness and have not seen the above effects on the Solar Innovations Door. When it comes to Solar Innovations hardware and rollers, I’ve found them to be far superior and have more options available then their competitors.

Eli Pagan | Unisound Contracting Corp

I have enjoyed the folding doors I purchased for my home in New Orleans. I am so happy to tell you that the beauty of my doors is matched by its strength. When Hurricane Zeta struck the city on October 28, 2020, the door easily withstood the Category 1-2 force winds. I am confident that my doors will withstand winds to its 130mph rating.

Emmitt Lockard | New Orleans, LA

We are very pleased with our new Victorian conservatory. The design team at Solar was very responsive to our questions and provided excellent guidance, and the installation crew, headed by Darren, was simply awesome.

Roger McClung | Oakland, MD

They erected the mahogany framing, installed the glass panels and did the trim work in just three days. The conservatory has become a favorite room especially in the winter with the snow falling outside.

Chantal Larouche | IIle-Perrot, Quebec, Canada

Your sliding screen system is a high end, quality product.

Frank Prosia | Elmvale, Ontario, Canada

Your little greenhouse that you built to replace my door is fabulous. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you for taking the time to cater to a small customer

Nan Todd-Smethurst | Salisbury, MD

The installation crew did a wonderful job on restoring my sunroom.

Steve Heckman | Bernville, PA

I am more than satisfied with our sliding doors. No one in our area had seen anything like them in a home and the value compared to other products like our sliding doors makes yours an easy “1st choice”. Our contractor , as well as the window and door subcontractors, has bought others planning a new home to our site to show off the look and functionality of a glass wall that slides into a pocket, thus opening our living  area to the great outdoors.

Warren Center | Springdale, AZ

The sunroom looks great! I am so appreciative that your team was able to make it look new again.

Nancy Schueck | Kennett Square, PA

Our conservatory is beautiful!

Kaye Chavinson | Shaker Heights, OH

The skylight is terrific and the owner is quite pleased.

Stephen Mitrani | DR Development, LLP

Our folding glass wall system was packaged very well and delivered as promised. We love our 24 foot view of the woods and lake. Great engineering, quality and appearance!

Karen Watts | Oakwood, GA

I cannot tell you how awesome Solar innovations is to work with. You have turned around my request for a skylight immediately, and your products are top notch. Thanks for always working with me.

Denise Koers | Sun System

Finally done! Well, dreams do come true. I can’t remember the last project I worked on where the punch list was so amicably and comprehensively accomplished. From the moment in March of 2001 when I met Greg at the Philadelphia Flower Show to the last thermostat covers Darren fashioned, you haven’t disappointed me.

Jeff Levenson | New York, NY

I want to thank you for the coordination and timely responses to us and our customer.

Alex Martinez | SPD Systems

We’ve enjoyed the conservatory immensely and use it nearly every day.

Ted DiNovo | Dublin, OH

I love the greenhouse so much. The installers worked hard and I get many compliments on it.

Jennifer Fortin | Olympia, WA

The solarium looks great!

Gef and Alana Luck | Apsley, Ontario, Canada

In fact, one year in service, the greenhouse has totally satisfied all experiences. It functions as a very pleasant sitting room/ lunch room in the winter, and in the early spring it becomes a functioning greenhouse for thousands of seedlings. It’s just great! One of the most satisfying aspects is, as we said earlier, that we assembled it ourselves – with special acknowledgement of the help we received from Frank Neumeister Frank took time to show us some key assembly steps when we visited your factory before the greenhouse was shipped to us – – – he also expertly answered some of our “telephone questions” while we were assembling the greenhouse.

Joe Nolter | Block Island, RI

I wanted to let Solar Innovations know how impressed I was in the professional way which you conducted this project. Any issues were handled quickly with the satisfaction of the customer and the desire to simply do a quality job conspicuously displayed. In a business where “good enough” has too often become the way business gets conducted, it’s a pleasure to work with real “Pros” who take pride in what they do. The customer did a walk through and she is in love with her conservatory.

Richard Glander | Sun Tech Systems

The crew is very proficient and very polite, and went to work immediately. Everything fits, and the neighbors are taking notice.

Ava Alderson | Colebrook Conservatories

I just want you to know how great the windows and doors came out! The installation went really well, the installer and his crew were a pleasure to work with and were really helpful in getting everything set up properly. When another project comes up I will definitely use Solar Innovations again!

Stephen Whisler | New York, NY

Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done for me in regards to estimating the cost for the glass folding wall system for my new home . Once I meet with my builder and draftsman to go over final drawings I should have an idea if we are going to incorporate the folding glass wall system or not. Thank you so much and I will be in touch with you hopefully within the next few weeks. Once again thank you for such a professional quote.

Tom Bartlett | Columbus, IN

Everything looks great, I really enjoyed working with Solar Innovations and appreciated how quickly the job was turned around.

Russel Jenkins | San Antonio, TX

So far so good – except for the birds that keep trying to fly through! poor things. Everyone thinks the glass looks great.

Bill Ross | Rhinebeck, NY

We are extremely happy with our conservatory! Solar Innovations did an outstanding job on the construction of the room! Our friends have said that they feel like they are in ether Florida or Hawaii when they step into the room! We love the fact that, during most of the summer, we are able to simply open the windows, turn on the fans and feel perfectly comfortable. Our grandchildren love swimming in the pool while looking at the trees and the sky through the glass ceiling. Solar Innovations, through their knowledge and expertise, helped us bring to realization our dream of a tropical plant-filled oasis!

John & Sandi Stouffer

I just wanted to thank you for your help in getting our job completed. The crew was very professional, efficient, & hardworking. My compliments on having such a great installation squad. Our skylight looks great & the quality of workmanship is excellent. Thanks again for personally handling our needs & what a relief to finally have our atrium roof closed in after 1 year of waiting since it collapsed. Please forward this e-mail to Greg – the foreman wanted me to e-mail him but I do not know his address.

Bill & Grace Ryan | New York, NY

Eagan Enterprises has great experience working with the Solar Innovations team. As we all know, relationships within the construction industry can be “diverse.” It always makes up happy when we find someone who shares the same set of values. Quality, attention to detail, and superior workmanship are some words used in everyday conversations regarding products from Solar Innovations. We at Eagan Enterprises provide the highest quality contracting experience for our clients which involves not only the physical structure(s) but also involves other aspects of the trade like proper scheduling and utmost efficiency. The Solar Innovations team was right on schedule.

Sean Eagan | Eagan Enterprises

First of all, I wanted to say that I absolutely love my new doors. I have long been frustrated by my old sliding doors and your folding glass wall allows me to open up the living room and feel like I am outside. Everyone who has seen them so far is very impressed by their quality and function. The installation went very smoothly and more quickly than I expected. John did an outstanding job and is a true perfectionist. He spent almost as much time tweaking things so the doors opened and closed just right as he did actually installing them. I am a very happy customer and will highly recommend your product. In fact, my boss is very interested and may very well place an order once he sees the door for himself.

Michael D. Brown

It’s wonderful and reassuring to know you are continually offering your clients the best product available. Solar’s glass structures are the perfect blend of the best of today’s technology built with yesterday’s know-how and charm. With thirty years of designing and building over one thousand glass structures, working with Solar has proved to me time after time they are the best out there and have earned my business.

Stephen Wacha | Heritage Greenhouses

We were particularly concerned about the finished appearance. Details were critical to a professionally finished job that integrated well with the Owner’s home. Solar Innovations worked with us – with great patience and creativity – to solve design problems that were sometimes very demanding. I was particularly pleased that they responded to our concerns and found an alternate electric window opener that, when completed, was totally hidden. The finish workmanship was excellent. Kudos to SI for a job well done.

Fred Kreshak | Kreshak Associates

Let me compliment you for your excellence presentation of literature to cover marketing, specifications, and details. I have seen many good presentations of marketing to promote the product, but seldom is the detail and specification info as well done. And, I’ve been doing this for almost 50 years.

Fred Field | Penngrove, CA

The doors are working just as expected and we are very happy with the project outcome. A friend of ours owns a local window manufacturing company and was amazed at the quality of the doors. I told her “you get what you pay for.”

Richard MacArthur | St Petersburg, FL

The folding glass wall system is perfect and far superior to our needs than the stacking door concept, which we thought was the only system available to us.

Betty Jones

I was speaking with Rachel this morning and I said how much I appreciate everyone at Solar and what a delight it is to work with you guys! If it were not for Solar Innovations, I doubt that I would still be in the business. My client base has changed over the years, I rarely get calls from people who want a standard, old-fashioned greenhouse and think they can finally afford it. Maybe it is a sign of the times and is an indication that the gap between the “haves” and “have-nots” is widening. My client base is made up, primarily, of well-to-do people who want what they want and are willing to pay for it. They are not stupid and will not pay any more than they think a product is worth. They also base their decisions on trust, so it is important that they believe we are honest, knowledgeable, responsive, and will provide them with the best product on a timely basis, and it will be what they want! Solar Innovations has enable me to take care of my new client base. I can honestly and enthusiastically say that Solar Innovations has been a “God-Send” for me since Greg took over. Of all the companies I have worked with, the people at Solar are, by far, the most cooperative, responsive, flexible, attentive to detail, dedicated to customer service and produce the highest quality of product. Your “can-do” attitude is remarkable.

Bob LaRouche | Glass Enclosures

I have a number of stories I tell to perspective customers about Solar Innovations and how much better you are than everyone else. One of my favorites comes from the time before you made your own windows. Your window supplier shorted you some windows for one of my jobs. I then say there was a knock on my door about 10:00 one night and there was a man delivering the missing windows. He said that the windows just arrived and you wanted to get them to me as soon as possible. I don’t tell them that the man delivering the windows was the President of the company! If I did, they wouldn’t believe me! Hang in there! Keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated! The future has no limits! You have come so far in such a short period of time!

Bob LaRouche | Glass Enclosures

We have been extremely pleased with this Solar Innovations product and recommend it highly.

Mark S. Grahne | Atlantic Homes LLC.

We have enjoyed our new greenhouse, it is very tight and doesn’t leak like our old one did.

Eric Hansberry

The job overall is awesome, the windows look great are truly the key architectural detail to the house that we had hoped for. The crew was excellent, please pass it on. SI has been proactive on addressing a few detailing issues we had. Added sill caps and swapped out the outside sill caps to get the look that we had expected.

Chris Wright

We are very pleased with the result: a state of the art greenhouse facility which is visually identical to the historic building it replaced.

David Elwell | NYYC

Now that the Phelps Career Technology High School has opened, we at Turner Construction would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere thanks for a job well done. As with most “high-profile/high-finish” projects, the road to completion was often fill with obstacles, and the dat-to-day challengers were often tedious. We do sincerely appreciate your perseverance and professional dedication to quality that has made this marquee project a roaring success. The end result of your efforts, a unique building of which we can all be proud, is now the benchmark by which all the best projects in Washington, DC will be measured. Please extend our thanks to your respective jobsite staffs. Their professionalism, attention to detail and unflagging devotion to building the best project possible, truly made for an inspirational result. We look forward to joining with you on future projects and bringing to other owners and development teams this kind of quality, skill and dedication.

Christian Jahrling | Turner Construction Co

I am delighted with the installation, Darren and his crew exceeded my expectations. I am very pleased, the room looks great.

John Skabo

The balance of the materials were the best packaged, fabricated, pre-gasketed, partially assembled, complete solarium I have ever seen. And I have been in this field for over thirty years. Great job!

Bill White | Daylight Designs Inc.

Very efficient and courteous crew. Pleasure to work with, product looks great.

Mark O'Brien

We LOVE our Solar Innovations Sliders with screens and so do our neighbors. The width and height of unobstructed openness is awesome.

Dennis Toya

Solar Innovations provided good service during the design and shop drawing phases of my plant window project. Their cooperative design and production staff helped me achieve an attractive and functional end result. They delivered the product fully assembled in their own truck. It arrived in perfect shape. The frames, glass, window operators and seals are top quality– there have been no leaks or air infiltration.

Bill Garbus | Arcisan Studio

We saw what I think were your doors in Sarasota, FL at a home we stayed in and would love to consider them for an add-on to our home as the quality and slide were top notch – multiple track sliding glass doors.

Carla Weber

I want you to know that the new Operable Doors & Windows brochure is one of the best I have seen in my 37 years in the door industry! You have it packed with attractive photos and great technical details. Good Job!

Bob Wilkinson | Continental Partition Systems, INC.

I am very pleased with the sunroom roof installation. You can tell the quality of an individual, and in this case the quality of a company, by how that party handles problems. It is easy to be pleasant and accommodating when everything is going right, but how the party handles itself when there is a mistake or a problem reveals lots of information about the party. There was a mistake made on our job and I was concerned about how it was going to be handled. The job is in Missouri and Solar Innovations is based out of Pennsylvania. I knew that it would be expensive for them to send men back out to fix the problem, but that is exactly what Solar Innovations did. The problem was solved and I have a happy customer. Thank you for a fine job.

Kevin O'Brien | Agape Construction Company

Solar Innovations did an excellent job.

Jim Secky | Jim Secky Design Directions

About the folding doors…we received the doors, they were in good condition, they are beautiful doors. I sent some pictures to the homeowners today, I’m sure they are going to love them.

Bob Sigler | Lizard Foot Builders

Thank you for the donation of a custom solar wall system to the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences in support of the Solar Decathlon House. Gifts-in-kind provide us with unique and valuable resources and serve as lasting reminders of your support for the mission of our great University. We are pleased that you have chosen to make this kind gesture. Thank you again for thinking of Penn State. We appreciate your generosity.

Rodney Kirsch | Penn State

The In Motion Builders, Inc. Construction team would like to extend our compliments and appreciation to you, and the whole Solar Innovations for their work on this project. You all worked professionally and steadfastly on this job, always devoting the time and energy necessary to get the job completed on time in a quality workmanship manner. The pleasant attitude and cooperative spirit that prevailed made it enjoyable to communicate and interact with everyone at Solar Innovations, Inc. Our sincere thanks for the contribution you all made towards achieving a hugely successful project that we can all be proud of.

Nick Martorano | In Motion Builders

I can’t tell you how helpful everyone has been at Solar Innovations, they made the entire process so simple!

John Paul Skarupa, Von Thalen Builders, Inc.

Solar Innovations did an exceptional job in working with me to create the type of modern skylight that would accent the unique architectural features of the original Victorian house.

David Gamble | Gamble Associates

We absolutely love it! It opens up the kitchen and porch, makes it seem like one room. It is open all summer! Thanks for a wonderful product, it is the favorite part of our renovation!

Kathy Costa

We installed the door today. It went very well and everyone is happy with the finished product. We will use your product again when possible.

Mike Huizenga | Lakeshore Glass and Metals LLC

Just want to let you know the shelves arrived and we installed today. They are perfect. Glad to have them. Thanks for your help.

Gary Barg

I’ve spent a little time browsing your website and it looks like you’re part of a 1st class operation. I hope Raum Energy can become a strong part of the integrity Solar Innovations has built.

John Vanderhorst | Ohio Green Wind

They [my in-laws] like it a lot and open it up every day to get a nice breeze going.

Emanuela Kaufer

John and I would like to thank each of you for your assistance in helping us complete the Swarthmore job. Darren and John did a great job with the installation, and the unit looks and operates great. Our customer is very pleased. We appreciate the work you did to accommodate our needs to deliver a successful project, and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

John Barr | AWS Limited

They look very nice opened and closed. We are pleased.

Geoff Cox

My guy that came to pick up today said that the service at the facility was top notch and that he was very surprised at how well organized it was to pick up. Good job and thanks.

Corey Wagner | Garrety Glass

Thank you for Everyone’s Great Efforts

Chris Shipp | Carbdale, CO

The greenhouse is beautiful! Thank you so much for your careful management of the entire process – design through installation. We love it!


What an outstanding job you did again for us on the installation! We all know your product is excellent but the proper installation also is paramount! AWS is proud to be associated with SI as one of our major manufacturers.

John and Mary Moyer | Naples, FL

We are enjoying our Solar Innovation doors immensely in the remodel that we worked with you last year. Thanks to your team and to Heather Washburn, our architect, for finding your doors. That’s not us in the photos, but it is our house with your great doors. We love opening them and connecting to the outside when the weather is good and we also enjoy all the light the doors/windows bring in the Seattle winter. It’s a full page photo in the Homes 2011 Fine Homebuilding magazine. Enjoy.

JeAnne Yu | Kirkland, WA

Called and said everyone involved did a job well done on the Roka Akor job. He said we really showed everyone why we are best. Everyone is very happy with our product!

Chris | Chicago, IL

The crew did a good job yesterday and finished everything. They got the flashing and screens installed and the fixed the door that was having issues and worked on the one with that leaked. Now we can move ahead on the siding. Thank you for all your help in this massive project that we took on.

JoAnn | Mansfield, PA

Thank you for a great product. I am enjoying my tilt-turn windows, especially their excellent functionality. I hope to enjoy these windows for years to come and I will certainly recommend them to anyone who tells me that they are in need new windows.

Pat Fanelli | Broomall, PA

We wanted to thank you for your assistance installing the solarium and for the tech staying until the job was completed. His help was an integral part of completing the job correctly. It was a long and trying project and we appreciate your patience and your help with all of the materials and technical information.

Sandra Bennett | Sandusky, OH

It was a pleasure dealing with you guys and feel you’re an excellent solarium company. I would surely recommend you or use you on future projects.

Seth Dankman | Brooklyn, NY

Windows we received were so fantastic. We want to duplicate order, we’re so impressed by your company’s great product.

John and Linda Davis | Winter Haven, FL

I only want you to know once again how fortunate I feel for having found your ad when I was in the beginning stages of searching for my future greenhouse.
I feel so grateful because my little greenhouse offers me the (Florida in my backyard) right here in Enfield, Ct.
After going through this past week without power for 5 days, I want you to know how blessed I feel.

Brian Rocheleau | Enfield, CT

I want to thank Solar Innovations, Inc. for meeting the schedule established for December which we know was very challenging.
The doors indeed look very nice and we are happy you came back additionally on schedule to change out the glass that was short and readjust the doors.
I’m glad that Angelo went out to visit the factory-he came back quite impressed.

Nina Freedman | New York, NY

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you all working with us to expedite the window package for our Wilmington location. The construction industry is always unpredictable and we are constantly running into obstacles. It means a lot when we have someone that is willing to make an effort to help us overcome these obstacles. Thanks again!!!

Keith Smith | Wilmington, NC

Thank you so much for sending the photographs of the Ogee conservatory in California.  I am very pleased with the final outcome and really appreciate all that Greg and his team did to fulfill the client’s order. It is good to know that we can again offer our clients the option for a quality Ogee style conservatory or greenhouse.

Miranda Kettlewell | Atherton, CA

Just a note to mention how pleased we are with the overall quality of the product and ease of installation of the skylight we purchased from Solar Innovations. After a difficult engineering phase with numerous adjustments, the end user is very pleased. Although this was our first experience using Solar Innovations and understanding some of the timelines to assure delivery dates, we look forward to using your product in the future.

Jeff Mann | Toledo, OH

After waiting to coordinate schedules with my help, we finally installed the panels last evening. We love the unit! Better than expected! We are very satisfied with your product and especially the friendly service from you and everyone at Solar Innovations. If needed, we would gladly provide good reference to any prospective customer. Thanks again for the great assistance.

Tom Hatfield | Muscatine, IA

Just thought I would let you know that the last time I talked to Keith he said he was completely happy with you and everyone at SI regarding your help on this project. He said he would certainly use us on future projects.

Ernie Dumond | Grand Rapids, MI

The install went perfectly yesterday. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Troy McAndrews | Cincinnati, OH

Thank you for completing my project on Monday. The installation crew did an exceptional job ! They were a pleasure to have here. Heavy rain on Tuesday- no leaks! Herb Schwab

Herb Schwab | Lansdale, PA

First order of business is to convey high marks for a incredible outcome. The workmanship is impeccable, the install crew very professional; which all culminated in a finished product far beyond my expectations. Thanks for doing a great job guys!

From the GC | Tunkhannock, PA

I thought you would like to know how your work held up during our little blizzard….. The ice was over an inch thick, no leaks….Wind gusts to 65 mph! The residents are delighted with the end result. Cheers.

Jonathan Weaver | Rockport, MA

Not exactly sure where to start with this,
Think it would be a shame to ignore the most important thing for this project and that would be the people involved. To begin with, the men you sent up here to install this unit were some of the best, professional and outstanding I have had the pleasure of working with. The sales team, engineering guys and project managers that were involved made this a seamless process and helped us throughout the design phases. Everyone was top notch.
To say that the doors look phenomenal would not do them justice. We are blown away!
Thank you for all the hard work and outstanding support. I look forward to working with you all in the future.
Have a great weekend.

Jason Drake | Greenwich, CT

Please communicate to all who had a hand in making my dream come true how grateful I am to everyone. You did a great job in building the roof. There were no problems. Assembly directions were great and now it is done. Your company was very professional and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Laura Coen | Pacific Grove, CA

I’d be happy to recommend your company to anybody. We get so many compliments on our greenhouse!

Katherine Fleet | Kirkwood, MO

I’d like to add my thanks for doing such a great job. Even though the construction crew had no experience with greenhouse systems, they had no problems installing the frame. They hired a glass company to install the glass, mostly because they had the right equipment. That also went very smoothly. The greenhouse is beautiful; everything we hoped we it would be. If you can make use these photos, they are yours to do with as you wish.

Rick Steres | Pacific Grove, CA

Jeff and Beth,

I wanted to thank you both for helping us with the installation of St. Andrews and also wanted to let you both know how exceptional Jonathan is!

Jonathan has save Storm Frame and the contractor on this job due to structural issues with the openings which were prepared sub standardly for the folding doors.

Jonathan also dropped what he currently had going on in the states to help us out as we were desperate for the completion date as school opens on Monday.

Extremely professional individual, knowledgeable, patient and a pleasure to be with these last days! He saved us!!!

Thanks again to all!!!!!

Adam Dann | Riviera Beach, FL

These folks pulled off a miracle for us so lets be sure we send their payment out very quickly if we haven’t already done so. Thank you

Vincent DiSalvo III | New York, NY

We are very pleased with how nice the room looks. The awning windows and operable skylights have done well to keep the room comfortable. Solar Innovations has done a fine job and I’m pleased to mention your company to others.  Thanks again.

Sharon Ong | McLean, VA

I love my greenhouse…I am in it constantly and it provides much joy for me.  Your company has built a extremely high quality greenhouse and I’d be happy to show it any time you have a prospective customer in the area.

Beth Ryder | Greenwich, CT

Well, they are done and gone. LOVE IT! Very Nice! Can’t wait to fill it up! They weren’t totally done when I left this morning, but it has exceeded my expectations! The installers deserve a big thank you! Thank you for dealing with all my questions, questions and more questions. I woke up this morning thinking about how I am building the tables
Thank You!

Deb Bandel | Eighty Four, PA

I hope all is well. I wanted to let you know that the project went very well. We were all very happy with the quality and the very easy installation friendly design of the doors. We were able to install the door without any issues or complications. Due to both quality workmanship in its fabrication and the smart design.

Benjamin Mendible | Coral Gables, FL

Beth, the doors are going in today.  Action glass is doing an awesome and thorough job.  I will send you a picture when all done.  They are gorgeous and would make a nice addition to your website photo gallery! Thank you for helping with all this and speeding up the manufacturing process.

Brandie | Fort Meyers, FL

I must say that we are 100% satisfied with the sliding door application and the service we received while
designing them. We have received many compliments. We love them and only wish we had installed the wall

Tom Hatfeld | Muscatine, IA

Jeff, I appreciate all the help on this project, it went well, and your company produces a well finished product. I can’t say the same for the cowboys or my broncos. Have a good Christmas and new year, hopefully next year we can work a few deals together,  Also, tell Beth I said thank you she really made this project work on the front side.

Dennis Harmon | Fort Meyers, FL

To the best of my knowledge, we’ve been pleased with the stadium folding windows.

Patrick Mucker | Fort Worth, TX

Many thanks for so quickly sending out the thermostat and cover. Solar Innovations is a really a top class company to work with in terms of its products and outstanding service.

Phillip Brindle | Durham, NC

Just wanted to drop a quick note of THANKS! Everything worked out well on the above project. Good support on your end and easy to order, very well crated and labeled. Straight forward installation.

JT Foody | Chicago, IL

I am out of town until next Wednesday. I understand we received your doors but I have not unpacked them. My guys are impressed with the packaging though.

Garick Kalna | Ocrawke, NC

I am happy and the sunroom looks great! Looking forward to working with you on future projects.

Les Fox | Wycoff, NJ

Thank you for all of your help along the way. It was a challenging build on a difficult site, but I can see that it is turning out beautifully. You guys make a really good product, nicely detailed, and good field support. I look forward to the next opportunity to work together.

David Milner | Bar Harbor, ME

Just following up to let you know how very happy we are with our Solar Innovations 90 degree 10′ high doors, as well as the 15′ wide x 9′ high custom awning windows. Visitors and our builder are really wowed by what you’ve done. Our builder here in Morganton, NC – Cottonwood – is so impressed with your products in our home that they would like to incorporate big windows and doors into new homes they are designing and constructing.
We expect you’ll be seeing some new business from this area thanks to the great work you and your company did for us.

Tracy and Rich Krause | Morgantown, NC

FYI, the folding walls look superb … you guys really provide an excellent product and the owner is very pleased.  Appreciate all of your help on this.

Donnie Martin | Lexington, KY

We have been impressed by the quality of the greenhouse. The structure is quite weather tight and seems energy efficient. Most importantly it keeps my wife and her hundreds of orchids happy!

Peter J. Sewell | Louisville, KY

Very happy with the quality of the product and the install. Field crew was great

Dan Conlon | Redding, CT

Thank you for all your timely responses. We received an email from the client and she is very happy with the doors.

Ashley | Mamaroneck, NY

I firstly wanted to reach out and tell you how please we are with our new sunroom. It is fantastic. The installers were great: Professional, hardworking and fun to be around!  We are so glad we chose to work with Solar Innovations. All the folks at your company have been helpful all along the way. Bravo!!

Reuben Butchart | Brooklyn, NY

Just writing a quick note to say the greenhouse you fabricated and installed on the Concord, MA. house we designed looks great, and has been a big hit with the clients. The GC told me the install crew did a good job. On the recent cold days we have had (before the heating system is up and running) it has been the favored place to hang out. Thanks for the good job.

Hank Reisen | Concord, MA

To the Solar Innovations, Inc. Crew, We just finished installing the 2nd order of folding glass wall systems into our client, Red Dot restaurant’s building. I decided to write this letter because I’m so impressed with your product. Both systems were well documented, packaged, and built. We have no detectable air infiltration in 15kt wind and it was 10 degrees out! You make a great product. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Richard Hake | Wauwatosa, WA

I am delighted that we chose Solar Innovations.  Couldn’t ask for better!

Susan Griffith | West Chester, PA

I just wanted to thank you for all your work in helping us to FINALLY obtain a replacement window for our sun room. It was installed last week and fit just fine.  The guys from Forest, VA did a great job.  YEA!!!

Norma and Jules Elko | Gretna, VA

The crew did a great job in cold conditions. The finished product looks very nice attached to the house. Thanks for your help in getting the project moved along in a timely manner. Once again, my best to your install team ,they’re good ambassadors for your company.

Bucky Doria | Cornwall, VT

We have attached photos of the 3-panel door we purchased from Solar Innovations.  We LOVE it! Every single time we have contacted your firm with any questions we had or any minor adjustment issues everyone at Solar Innovations has been extremely courteous and more than helpful.  We know how important customer service to clients is and on a scale of 1 to 10 your firm gets a 20+++. We have received many compliments on the door, and have referred many people to your website — sure hope they contacted you.  Thank you for the fine work you do.

Jann B. & Tom M. | Washington, DC

Just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the shipment for Sweeney.  Everything was very well labeled and the crate was extremely well packed.

Kyle Hungerford | Kiawah Island, SC

I was able to go see the doors today at The Ritz Carlton. They are Beautiful!!
My contractor has ask that I see if I can get that opening that I sent you to have a Swing Door incorporated with it? This way the homeowner will be able to use the swing door when going out to her lanai if she does not want to open all the panels.

Vera Hogan | Naples, FL

I just spoke with a contractor who is remodeling a very famous castle (the DuPont Castle, you can see it on Google) in Virginia. I had sent him literature last week and he was very impressed. His words were “your literature really has that ‘WOW’ factor”. I wanted to pass that along!! He was so impressed, he will be forwarding me plans for the skylights he’ll be putting in there!

Fred Strahley | DuPont Castle, VA

All, We are very pleased with our Solar Innovations experience and would not hesitate to use again. Great Job!

Joe & Jenny B. | Wyomissing, PA

I want to thank you for sending such a well managed professional crew to our jobsite. Your men are well schooled and a pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to working with your team again.

Jon Decker | New York, NY

I am very appreciative of that. It proves your professionalism and we have certainly made the right decision working with you and your company (City Beautiful)

Mahyer Amirsaleh | Palm Beach, FL

Just wanted to let you know that we installed the 3-panel folding glass wall on Monday, and it went better than I could have imagined. The guys were done by 2:30. On the first try. Major credit is due to the super-organized packaging, packing list, instructions, and detailed drawings. Most of our time was spent prepping the opening for the door (adding the 2×4’s at the head and the furring strips at the jambs and making sure the opening was plumb and level). We couldn’t believe that you sent not only the fasteners, organized by size and type, but also shims and caulking. Love it. We will continue to go with the pre-drilled fastener locations on future orders. Each location was beautifully countersunk and took out any guesswork. I just spoke with the homeowner, who is very happy with the door and its operation. His only concern is the tall sill—he’s tripped over it a few times already. He wanted to know if there are any accessories you might have to ramp up to the threshold or any suggestions for trim pieces that would make it less of a trip hazard. I mentioned using a piece of molding to butt up to the threshold, but he didn’t seem too inspired by that choice. Any input you have on this matter would be appreciated. Thanks for making things easy, and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Jay Cato | Arlington, VA

I Received a call from Pete Pontikls with MTH Industries this afternoon. They are one of the biggest glass shops in the Chicago area. He specifically called to thank us for assigning Jeff Bluestone to his project and commented that he has be wonderful to work with. I should also mention that Pete was quite the handful while selling the job and I am very pleased that he ended up a happy customer.

Pete Pontikls | Chicago, IL

Hi Beth, Was at the job site yesterday of the last order you supplied ( inv 44702). The owners are crazy happy with the bifold window. See pictures.

Gerry | British Virgin islands

All of your staff was extremely helpful and very good at communicating with other staff to get the answers we needed. Lauren Stump, Christina Carl, and Walter Knight were our main contacts and they were all skilled with knowledge, communication skills and provided excellent customer service. We were also thrilled to receive our products/installation earlier than originally anticipated and we are still grateful for that! Additionally, we were so thankful we could visit your showroom to see and operate the product options. It was greatly appreciated that owner, Greg Header, met with us that day! It was an overall wonderful experience! It has been a terrific experience and we are thrilled with our products from Solar Innovations. Thank you all!

Gary Meinen | Jeannette, PA

Thank you Erin, it has been a pleasure working with you so far. I am very impressed with your companies ability to pull pricing and information together. I think we are getting close with this project, fingers crossed.

Tyler Renz | Walpole, NH

Sossy tells me that Scott and his team were great to work with, and she was grateful for their workmanship. I have naturally appreciated this.

Salim Walji | Los Ranchos, NM

The skylight install went very well! The guys were professional and thorough. They were very pleasant to work with.

Bob Coughlin | Worcester, MA

It’s been 10 years (June/Sept 2010) since Solar Innovations designed, built, and installed our double sliding glass door system with motorized screen and we’re so pleased with the functionality of the design and operation of the product.  Solar Innovations worked with us from June to September 2010 on our customized space to help us maximize glass area, provide full double door opening and minimize mullions. Given the importance of the glass wall to our space design, we wanted confidence the company we would be working with would be trustworthy, so we made the drive up to Pine Grove from the DC area to address our concerns. What we discovered that day continues to be proven true to this day. Great people who were wonderful to work with from concept thru install and who make a first class product that stands the test of time. Choosing Solar Innovations was one of the best decisions we made in our home remodeling.

Evelyn & Stephen Powers | Arlington, VA