Beneficial Insects In Your Garden

We suggest avoiding pesticides whenever possible in your greenhouse. Beneficial insects to get the job done in a safe, natural way. Gardeners should realize that good and bad insects live side by side in your garden. By spraying pesticides to combat  the bad insects, you are also destroying the good ones.

Beetles are the most helpful insect for your garden, with the lady beetle (commonly known as lady bugs) among the most beneficial, both in the adult and the larvae stages. One adult lady beetle can eat upwards of 50 aphids and soft body insects a day. Whereas the larvae stage of a lady beetle can eat as much as 10 times that amount in a day. Ground beetles are also beneficial, but serve a very different purpose as they are nocturnal, crawling insects. Ground beetles hide and thrive under debris and their diet consists of soft body pests.

Lady beetles can easily be purchased if they are not already present in your garden. However, you must realize that the beetles will fly away if your plants do not have enough aphids for them to eat. If the environment is ideal, they will lay their eggs and the larvae will keep your soft shelled insect under control as well.

Lady Bugs In Greenhouse