Benefits of Lumira® aerogel

Polycarbonate is an effective option when it comes to glazing a structure that will reside in a high traffic or high wind area. The virtually indestructible substance was originally used as a glass replacement, but it is becoming more popular due to its aesthetic qualities and durable composition. However, polycarbonate may need to be insulated in order to achieve maximum user comfort.

Lumira® aerogel, a translucent product made from a dry silica particulate, is a high performance insulating gel used to insulate a polycarbonate. When added, Lumira® increases thermal ratings and light transmission while reducing glare, sound transmission, and the thermal transfer of heat and cold — the last of which can help minimize energy costs during installation.

In certain applications, Lumira® can assist with meeting LEED requirements, as sustainable purchasing, optimum energy efficiency, occupant comfort, low emission, and daylight points are all possible with Lumira®.

Lumira® can be used is curtain walls, skylights, sunrooms, pool enclosures, greenhouses, conservatories, and practically any other residential or commercial application. Solar Innovations, Inc. has developed a standard line of products featuring Lumira® aerogel for customer convenience, or we can tailor a custom product or structure to include the insulating gel during the design phase.