Solar’s Butterfly Enclosure Research

Butterfly Enclosures

In order to service the increased interest in butterfly enclosures, Solar Innovations, Inc. has designed and added a screen butterfly house to our traditional greenhouse. The enclosure will be used to house butterflies and provide team members with hands-on experience in raising and exhibiting the colorful creatures.

Because the greenhouses at Solar Innovations, Inc. are truly working greenhouses, an enclosure will house the butterflies to prevent escapes when tour groups and team members enter and exit the structure.This will also protect the delicate butterflies from the fans and vents in the greenhouse.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s greenhouse experts are in the process of selecting native butterfly species and host plants that will thrive in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. The ultimate goal is to mimic the butterflies’ natural habitat as closely as possible. This experiment will help Solar better understand the conservatory design needs of butterflies and may lead to new, innovative, products.

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