Creating a Photography Studio in a Greenhouse

The greenhouse structure is most commonly known for the ability to create a perfect growing environment for plant specimen.  A greenhouse can, however, be designed and manufactured for virtually any purpose, including for use as a photography studio. Creating a photo studio in a greenhouse will allow a photographer to harness natural light photography in a controlled environment and create a unique backdrop for pictures.

Utilizing the natural light will reduce the need for expensive artificial lighting accessories, and it can easily be adjusted or minimized with drapes and Solar Innovations, Inc. shading systems. The key to creating a photography studio in a greenhouse lies in the planning and design phase. Lighting, storage, and adequate space are all crucial elements in photo studios, and Solar’s team of design experts will consider all of these factors in the initial planning process and during the site visit. North or south facing windows are recommended for the best light quality.

Both lean-to and freestanding greenhouses are able to provide enough space for staging props and zooming for the best angle. The addition of a folding glass wall as an interior dividing wall will provide a sectioned area perfect for keeping props and accessories organized and separate from the work area. Folding glass walls can also be used to separate the growing area and create a different climate zone where tropical plants and orchids can be grown to be used for exotic props. Creating two different climate zones in the greenhouse will ensure both plants and people will stay comfortable in the photography studio.

Consulting with a Solar Inovations, Inc. greenhouse expert during the planning process will also help you provide the correct combination of glazing options for your greenhouse photo studio.  Selecting either polycarbonate or dynamic glass in combination with other glass options provided by Solar will provide a myriad of options to create the perfect lighting environment for your photography studio.

For more information about designing a greenhouse as a photography studio or to get started with the planning process, contact a Solar Innovations, Inc. Sales Representative.

custom residential greenhouse with integrated ridge vent by Solar Innovations, Inc.