Door Maintenance

Regular door maintenance is usually quick and painless, but can help prevent serious malfunctions in the future.

Here are some maintenance tips that Solar Innovations, Inc. recommends completing at least once a year:

  1. Inspect the doors and remove any visible debris
  2. Clean the frame and glass twice a year with a non-abrasive glass cleaner. For infill other than glass, consult the manufacturer, as glass cleaners have the potential to damage other surfaces
  3. Clean the sill system
  4. Inspect gaskets and sealant joints for separation from the frame and ensure the tightness of the seal
  5. Inspect intersections against adjacent structures for movement and verify that sealant and flashings maintain a tight seal
  6. Apply silicone spray or White Lithium Grease to all hardware and trolleys
  7. Operate the door several times, noting any rough spots or sticking points
  8. Please Note:  In areas of extremely high use or high debris, the track system should be inspected monthly


Make a note of any irregular wearing of hardware, including hinges, trolleys, and wheels during your annual door maintenance inspection; replacements will be necessary if the worn part is affecting product performance or operation. Consult the manufacturer should any touch-up paint be required or if the door has any abnormalities in appearance or operation.  Please reference Solar’s care and maintenance information for a complete guide and contact us if you have any questions.


Maintenance is an important part of ensuring operable glass doors product life