Dutch Doors by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Dutch doors, commonly known as barn-style doors, consist of two separate door panels which are stacked atop one another to create a top door and a bottom door. With Dutch door systems, the two panels can be operated individually for unique ventilation or in unison to create an entryway. These units are ideal for homes with pets or small children, as the top panel can be opened for ventilation, while the bottom panel remains closed providing safety and security.

Solar Innovations, Inc. Dutch doors are available in single and double door configurations. They can be designed with two glass panels, a glass panel and a solid panel, and two solid panels. Glass panels will optimize light transmittance and create a view of the exterior, while solid panels are impact resistant and made from durable aluminum. Polycarbonate, a sturdy alternative to traditional glass, can also be utilized in Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Dutch door systems. Decorative grids or SDLs can be included in both glazed and solid panel options for increased aesthetics. Tinted and decorative glass options are also available for further customization. The unit pictured above includes acid etched glass, beneficial for users looking for more privacy.

Thermally-broken Dutch doors by Solar Innovations, Inc. are manufactured in both in-swing and out-swing configurations and are outfitted with locking hardware suitable for all residential and commercial applications. For more information regarding barn-style Dutch doors, please visit the Solar Innovations, Inc. Swing Doors page or contact a knowledgeable sales representative. For those attending the GlassBuild tradeshow this week, come see Solar Innovations, Inc. at Booth #617, where the team will have a Dutch door system on display.

Solar Innovations, Inc. creates custom dutch doors