Educational Greenhouses by Solar Innovations, Inc.

Educational greenhouses by Solar Innovations, Inc. provide students with a unique opportunity to study horticulture first hand. As academic institutions advance, educational greenhouses are growing in popularity. Many universities, high schools, vocational schools, and elementary schools have greenhouses for studying various aspects of plant life at all levels of education.

Educational greenhouses are often used in institutions of higher learning to conduct experiments in a controlled environment.  Experiments can include the studying and testing of plant growth, pesticides, genetics, bacteria, and more.  Vocational schools have greenhouses for students to practice propagation and landscaping work. Even elementary and middle schools are beginning to use educational greenhouses to teach children how to start seedlings.  These structures can also double as butterfly enclosures and give young learners the unique experience of raising butterflies. Butterflies will only thrive in precise living conditions, so it is important to research the ideal environment for butterflies when planning a butterfly enclosure. When a greenhouse is being used for research purposes, it is critical to maintain a specific growing environment at all times in order to preserve accuracy in experiments. For these reasons, Solar Innovations, Inc. can provide automatic or manual environmental control systems that can monitor the atmosphere within the educational greenhouse and notify the researcher should any problems occur.

Solar Innovations, Inc. has designed educational greenhouses for all levels of academics from elementary students to college researchers. Greenhouses can be designed as lean-to additions or large standalone structures, depending on available space and the needs of the school. Solar Innovations, Inc. has the ability to manufacture greenhouses for balconies and rooftops, so schools in urban areas are not excluded from the learning benefits of a greenhouse. Solar Innovations, Inc. also provides greenhouse options and accessories to accommodate all the requirements of an educational greenhouse including interior dividing glass walls to provide separate growing environments, climate control systems, and so much more.  Visit the greenhouse accessories section of the website to view the products available, and then contact Solar Innovations, Inc. to speak with a greenhouse specialist today.  Visit the greenhouses page to learn more about Solar’s custom designed educational greenhouses.

Educational Greenhouses and Institutional Greenhouses by Solar Innvoations, Inc.