G2 Bar by Solar Innovations, Inc. provides sleek look

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s products and structures utilize a durable, aluminum framework that withstands weather and does not rot or rust over time. Each aluminum unit is designed from one of several diverse bar systems. The type of system selected depends on a project’s details and user’s specifications. Solar has redesigned the SI5200 aluminum framework to have a sleeker, more aesthetically pleasing appearance and the ability to be bent and shaped for curved applications.  The G1 system has a screw boss on the underside, which gives users the option of easily adding decorative caps and other elements to the frame. Unlike its predecessor, the new G2 frame does not include a screw boss, which provides the appeal of a  smooth bar. The new G2 bar system was also engineered  to suit many different curved bar needs. The in-house bar bending capabilities at the LEED Gold Certified manufacturing facility allow Solar Innovations, Inc. to create unique structural configurations while controlling lead times. For more information, please visit our aesthetic designs page to learn more about our standard and custom configuration options.

G2 Bar system by Solar Innovations, Inc. provides sleek look