How to get an All Star, Motivated Team

Candidates often market themselves as being “easily motivated,” but motivation does not come on its own. Team members need a reason to be motivated, and it is up to the Human Resources Department and other leaders within the Company to keep them on task and enthused. Here are a few suggestions from Solar’s very own HR Department for how to get an all star, motivated team.

Be Present in Conversations — Actively listening to your team members will let them know you value their opinions, concerns, and/or feedback. Keeping open lines of communication will allow you to work smarter, not harder and make effective use of company time.

Choose the Right Attitude — If you come to work everyday with an unsavory attitude, your team will most likely follow suit. Set the example for how your team should act on a daily basis. Always stay positive, constructive, and make every day better than the last. There are no bad days.

Get Them Involved — Team members are more willing to accept change if they are able to provide feedback and feel part of the process. The Company will get better results if everyone works together to make decisions.

Provide Continued, Constructive Feedback — Although it is important to give feedback for areas of improvement, it is just as vital to offer positive reinforcements. Team members need to know how great they are doing so they will continue to perform tasks in that manner.

Make Them Feel Valued — Create an employee of the month program to honor those employees who have been exhibiting outstanding work to encourage them to keep their pace and let them know their hard work has not gone unnoticed.

Create a Fun Workplace — Create a fun, friendly environment within your workplace that will make people want to be at work. Add a little pizzazz to the daily grind by having holiday celebrations or random dress-down days that will make team members look forward to coming to work.

Your team is a mirror image of your company’s leadership, attitude, and philosophy, so integrate these morale-boosting tips into your company’s existing plan to make sure your team stays motivated 100% of the time.