Why You Should Be Insulating Your Glass Structure with LowE Coating

Sunrooms, pool enclosures, greenhouses, and other rooms with a lot of windows can provide beautiful, unobstructed views when the weather is nice. However, during the winter months, glass structures and rooms with larger windows can sometimes become cold and drafty. This usually happens when the windows are not properly insulated. Making sure the windows in your structure have the proper LowE glazing will ensure you and your guests can enjoy a comfortable room any time of year.

Low emissions (LowE) glass variations are ideal for any application. You can make an informed decision regarding the glazing of your structure by educating yourself in the qualities of each type. Here are a few descriptions of a few common glass variations:

  • LoE 272 reflects heat back into the room. It rejects the heat and damaging UV rays of the sun, while still allowing the natural daylight to pass through. This is the clearest, highest performing glass you can buy.
  • LoE 240 greatly reduces the amount of glare in a structure. This specially treated version of LowE glass maintains year-round comfort by blocking oppressive solar heat gain. This is perfect for maintaining cool glass temperature in the summer. On the other hand, when winter blows in, this glass will also keep the indoor temperatures nice and warm.
  • LoE 366 contains an unprecedented three layers of silvers. This allows the glass to provide the highest level of year-round comfort and energy savings.

The insulation of your windows and doors has a direct impact on how your rooms feel during any season. The better the window insulation is, the warmer your room will be. LowE has been setting the standard for energy-efficient glass for years. Contact a Solar Innovations® representative for more information on what glazing your structure needs.

More Information

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