It’s A Patio, It’s A Porch, No It’s A CONSERVATORY!

Porches and patios have long been utilized to relax after a long day or to host a family cookout. A porch, whether covered or not, is only comfortable during favorable weather. A conservatory, on the other hand, can be used for comfort year-round.  An enclosed space with proper ventilation will create a room with a view for year-round use.

Incorporating a folding glass wall or sliding glass door into your conservatory’s design will allow you to enjoy a large, unobstructed view of your property, as well as fresh air. The addition of a folding or sliding screen to the opening will prevent bugs from entering the conservatory. The conservatory will shelter your gatherings during colder months or bouts of summer precipitation. The addition of patio furniture can create a unique outdoor aesthetic, while providing flexible seating, no matter the situation.

Utilizing Your Conservatory as a Porch